Get rid of sorrow


In life, there are always things to see, things to hear, things to think about and things to be told. When you see everything, you will think of something, think about something, review something and regret something. After that? Will bring some sorrow.   Once a person is often in a worried and sad state in life, it will pose a double hazard to his beauty and health..   The ancients said, ” frosty night, Jiang Feng and Yu Huo are worried about sleeping.”. but since water still flows, though we cut it with our swords, raise your glasses to allay sorrow and worry more. Ask you how much sorrow you can have, just like a river flowing eastward in spring. Cut constantly, manage still disorderly, don’t be a taste in my heart. ‘ We are in a world of distractions, the in the mind is easy to worry about. In fact, this is unnecessary. Sorrow means ” sad” and ” sorrow and vexation”. It means fidgeting. This kind of mood comes from our own hearts.. To take part in the Bible regulations and to focus on the human heart and to put forward our thoughts, analysis and decision-making are all carried out by our hearts.. If this heart is confused, life will lose its direction and will be disoriented. This is like a rudderless boat that can only drift with the current and float in the sea..   The word ” sorrow” is used to describe a situation caused by foreign forces and also to describe the agitation and churning of water.. To this end, we should keep our peace of mind and stay in a turbulent world, and not let evil influence our lives..   Traditional Chinese medicine pays much attention to the relationship between emotion and disease. Among them, the ” sorrow” of one of the seven emotions is discussed in more detail in the Seven Emotions Regulations, believing that ” sorrow lung”. When people are sad and sad, they can make lung qi depressed and even dissipate qi and yin, leading to exhaustion of qi, pale complexion, slight exhaustion of qi, and prone to cold, cough and other symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lung dominates the skin, so sorrow and sadness of the lung can also be manifested in skin diseases caused by certain mental factors. Emotional depression and sadness can lead to urticaria, alopecia areata, psoriasis, etc. Excessive sadness can also cause insomnia and trance. Sad mood will also inhibit gastrointestinal peristalsis, affect the secretion of gastric juice, resulting in loss of appetite and poor digestion and absorption.   Participate in Huangdi Neijing & Bull; Yin and yang should be as big as the regulations say: ” the west produces dryness, dryness produces gold, gold produces Xin, Xin produces lung, lung produces fur, fur produces kidney, and lung dominates nose.”. It is dry in the sky, golden in the ground, fur in the body, lung in hiding, white in color, business in sound, crying in sound, cough in changing, nose in opening, pungent in taste and sorrow in ambition.. Sad lung. ‘ It will affect the openness of the lungs, with shallower and shallower breathing, smaller and smaller vital capacity, and no good exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs. ” All anger and depression belong to the lungs” ( Su Wen & Bull; To really want to talk about the regulations ), ” lung stores qi, qi gives up spirit, and lung qi deficiency is not conducive to stuffy nose and less qi, but actually gasps, coughs and chest gains and raises interest.” ( Lingshu & Bull; According to this god’s ordinance, qi depression and depression are becoming more and more serious, ” sorrow hurts the lung”, and lung injury is already inevitable..   Being in a state of sorrow for a long time will cause excessive physical exertion, resulting in the body’s reduced resistance, immune dysfunction and brain dysfunction participating in Lingshu & Bull. This god’s ordinance says: ” lung, joy and infinite hurt spirit, spirit and hurt spirit are crazy. crazy people don’t want to save people.”. ‘ even can cause mental illness, hypertension, heart disease, tumor, etc.   Sorrow is the greatest enemy of beauty, ” sad lung””’ lung controls fur”, so there is a saying from ancient times to the present that” sorrow makes people old”,” sorrow grows old overnight”; ‘ Laugh and laugh for ten years, and worry and worry for a white head”; Sorrow can also lead to facial wrinkles, spots, acne, furuncle, gray hair and shedding.   Since sorrow is so harmful, how can we get rid of it and cultivate a positive and healthy mentality?   Be happy. After getting up in the morning, encourage yourself to be determined to have a happy day and not worry about trifles.   Get rid of the isolated state of mind, open – minded, more contact with the outside world, so that the relationship is full of harmony and the heart is full of kindness, beauty and happiness..   Don’t blame others at will, don’t embarrass people intentionally, don’t criticize people, but try to find out the advantages of others with kindness everywhere..   To experience nature in the wild, it is filled with a magical force that makes people calm down.   Finally, we should know that there is no’ perfect’ thing in the world, and everything will not be all right, so we should be magnanimous and free from worries and advocate’ to lose is to gain’, and never haggle over every ounce.. Pay attention to what you are interested in, raise flowers, fish and so on, all of which can help people relieve pressure, eliminate troubles and keep happy mood..