Earth book


[ Original Text ]To watch and return, to extrapolate ideas. I don’t know who invented the method of the earth book. It’s really a unique skill.. Earth books are an artistic enjoyment for both writers and appreciators. The writer leaned down and moved his steps, his eyes reached his hand, but he did not move all over the body. He wrote down a few lines of writing… Last spring, my wife and I lived in Yuci’s youngest son’s house for a period of time. At the end of the alley opposite the son’s house is the square. Every morning, we went around the square to have a look. The square is divided into two areas, north and south, by an east-west street. There are hundreds of people doing aerobics in the south field. In the vigorous musical beat, with the whistle and semaphore of the team’s former coach, men and women raised their hands to move their feet, turned their loins and kicked their legs in unison, both like gymnastics and dancing, with skillful and graceful movements.. The north site is relatively large and seems to be a free activity site. There are sword dancers, Taijiquan players, skipping rope or kicking shuttlecock players, and walking around flower beds. The northeast corner is a workers’ club, accompanied by an amateur Shanxi opera band, and the ticket lovers take turns to perform on the stage.. The audience fans, standing or sitting, sometimes call out a good cry and drum a palm. My wife and I have lived in the country for a long time, and I can’t do it. I didn’t like to play … We are the hometown of Puju opera.. My wife likes to walk around flower beds, while I like to read books written by a dozen elders in the center of the square..     Those old men were leaning on a walking stick in their left hand and tied with a plastic bottle with a large opening in the middle. The bottle was filled with clear water. The right hand held a pen with a ground book, and the pen was made of sponge, much like a lotus flower in bud. The pen was about a meter long and dipped in water to write on the floor.. The floor tile is also two feet square. More than a dozen old men spread out and devoted themselves to writing their characters in regular script, running script or cursive script, mostly in popular Tang poetry, song lyrics, chairman Mao’s poems or couplets.. The first time I saw a book and pen writing on the floor, it made me feel very fresh. There was an old man in his late eighties. He was a big man with a face like a date, a birthday girl like a silkworm, a white beard and neckline, a staff in his left hand, a water bottle like a gourd hanging upside down on the staff, a pen in his right hand, and a forward stretch like a pathfinder, with a slight inclination in his chest, a slight bend in his waist, a kick in his left leg and a bow in his right leg. He wrote a large character in regular script on a square brick, pointing horizontally and vertically to bend the hook, a stroke by stroke, a stroke by stroke, a stroke by stroke and a style, and a steady atmosphere.. Write a word, step back, dip in water again, and write a word again. A” Zhong Shan’s wind and rain turned pale and yellow” After writing, it moved forward in the” Zhong” The left side of the word went back to write’ Millions of Heroes Over the Great River” In a word, a seven-law poem by Chairman Mao’s participation in the People’s Liberation Army’s Occupation of Nanjing Regulations was finished, and the old man stopped his pen, straightened his waist, breathed a sigh of relief, took a rest with his staff, and seemed to have added a few minutes of bone and spirit.. The words written first were dried in turn, but the marks were still visible, and all the viewers praised them with a nod of praise.. Another old man in his sixties, thin and capable, was good at writing cursive script, taking a half – squat posture, dancing in the style of writing, big and small, bold and elegant, lively and lively, like songs and dances, which dazzled onlookers.. Book writers fear that viewers will not understand their words and write more famous Tang poems, such as’ so bright a gleam on the foot of my bed, could there have been a frost already?”,’ ask where there is a restaurant, shepherd boy pointed to Xinghua Village’ and so on. At the request of onlookers, cursive cursors’ wild grass’ how the Yellow River’s waters move out of heaven, entering the ocean, never to return’ and’ 1′ are really like torrents rushing about, flowing and flowing, dripping with emotion! The local calligraphers scattered in the square are mostly retired veteran comrades with rich experience, good cultural accomplishment and certain writing skills.. The onlookers were mostly calligraphy lovers and acquaintances. A person to write, then handed a pen to colleagues show his hands. They usually gather in the square in the morning or half afternoon to write, and then I will rush to enjoy it. An old man saw that I often watched and gave up, asking me to give it a try. I shook my hand and said,’ No, no’. Although I am a calligraphy enthusiast, I am only at the village level. I dare to make an axe in class and present an ugly picture in public.?! Although my heart yearns for it, I still have no courage to try my skill. Thought, these calligraphers should be scattered around the square, in a small corner, there are so many calligraphers, how many calligraphers should there be in Yuci city?!     Looking back, I can imagine. I don’t know who invented the method of the earth book. It’s really a unique skill.. Earth books are an artistic enjoyment for both writers and appreciators. The writer leaned down and moved his steps, his eyes reached his hand, which was no different from the whole body movement. His legs, legs, hips, spine and wrist were all exercised as much as fitness gymnastics.. According to medicine, the waist is the center of human body’s movement and strength, while the slight bending movement in the ground book focuses on the waist and crotch. At the same time, brain thinking, eye view, hand movement, wrist suspension, step movement, leg movement, coordination and coordination will not only strengthen the body, but also cultivate the sentiment. Not only is it economical, but also has no carbon and environmental protection. The onlookers not only appreciated the art of calligraphy, but also enriched their cultural knowledge. Bring out the best in each other and carry forward the quintessence of the country. What is the joy of using land as paper and water as ink?!     Beside the small bridge and running water, the green shade is like a tree under the cover, and in the open square, like a park, if there is a calligrapher who writes freely, there will be more interest in life and cultural taste.. Although the gentle breeze soon dried up the words of the earth book, the writer’s enthusiasm for life remained in his heart forever.. The word has gone with the wind without trace, and this feeling has never ceased.    Qiao zai, the earth book! Zhuang zai, the earth book![ Responsibility Editor: Yi Er[ Original ]