Special intrinsic constitution of the meridians nursed back to health by more than two points


Special intrinsic meridians to restore how to do?Special intrinsic constitution is the constitution of a special small part of the population, by way of conditioning the meridian massage, and that special intrinsic constitution of the meridians to restore how to do it?Xiao Bian today to tell you special intrinsic physical meridians nursed back to health。
Special intrinsic physical meridians nursed back to one special intrinsic physical warm heart — chapter door hole "B by" record: "no Zhuance, Zhang door Lord"; "Qian" says: "Lord of the diet, Rufu no, do not eat avid, if swallowed and foul smelling fresh, full injury, yellow body, Leishou pain ";" FIG wing "says:" Indications flanks product gas such as gravel, expanded bowel, not only by the food, the chest hypochondriac ";" San Qi overall record, "and added:" Zhang door two points, spleen raise……However, treatment of bowel food is not graceful, not lying hypochondriac, vexed hot, dry mouth and do not eat, Xiong Xie support full wheezing, heartburn, back pain may not Zhuance, hurt full body yellow emaciated, strong abdominal swelling Ben dolphin spinal, limb negligent fall, good fear less gas, shoulder and arm do not move Jueni……"These records are described in detail above, the role of the chapter door hole。 If you encounter mind depressed, fullness, vexed hot, dry mouth, do not want to eat, pale and thin, frail, general weakness of the case, simply press the point, can the situation be improved。 Special intrinsic physical meridians to restore named: Zhang, meaning large timber; door and out door。 "Zhang door" means a strong trend in the liver by this point the wind stops breath。 This point is a matter of urgency Maixue came strong trend, after reaching this point, the wind stops this strong ethos breath, as if thus entered the same door, so the name "Zhang door"。 Parts: the case of foot liver meridians of acupuncture points on the human side of the abdomen, below the 11th rib when the free end。