Do you go home for the New Year


Home is a piece of auspicious cloud that haunts my mind. When I think about it, I will have a fluttering mood in my heart, making me unable to do it myself.. At the end of the year, the family was always mentioned, always remembered, and the words of coming home passed quickly through the cold wind, warmth, and pulling the winter sun long and long..     Do you go home for the New Year?     Relatives, colleagues and friends often ask you a question that is off guard. You stop in a hurry, or put down the busy work at hand, and when things stop a little, your home will flash past in your heart.. Suddenly found that time flies, now, it is time to go home again.     At ordinary times, for the sake of life and development, for whatever reason, some people have to stay away from home, stay away from their roots, float outside and struggle outside, while the line connecting home is sometimes clear, sometimes vague, sometimes even completely hidden. Only by this time, it may be a kind of collective unconsciousness, and the thread will gradually become clear with irresistible force, pulling the hearts of people rushing to their homes..     The tradition of returning home during the New Year seems to last for thousands of years in China. The old people said: sparrows all have thirty nights. On the 30th of the year, all the family members arrived to have a family reunion dinner and to spend their time in the family, recalling the ups and downs of the past year, looking forward to the bright future of the coming year, offering sacrifices to ancestors, and sometimes even keeping the age, saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, and sitting down to wait for the new year to make good luck on the first day of the new year.. At present, fireworks and firecrackers are forbidden in some parts of the city, while in the countryside, enough fireworks and firecrackers can be played, which reverberate in Shan Ye, blowing off winter and waking up spring. People laughed at the new atmosphere in the family. No matter poor or rich, years will pass as usual. After New Year’s Day, the graves burn incense, visit relatives and friends, family ties and friendship, thick, gave birth to new shoots full of trees. People will be happy, and hope for a better life, fully adjusted, and the pace of life will be extraordinarily vigorous..     This home is the home that has always existed in my heart. This year is the year that has always existed in my heart.     However, I don’t know when to start. It’s often very difficult not to go home during the New Year..     ”’ Little and Little Home Leader Back, Rural Voice Has Not Changed Bangmao Decline. The children met each other and asked where the guests came from.. ‘ Not living in my hometown has been for decades, except for those who are about my age or older, they seem a little strange to me. In that familiar mountain and water area, new people and generation after generation appear. I often don’t know who I was when I suddenly came. I didn’t find out until I inquired about it that I grew up drinking the water in the same river ditch. Some were close, curious and some were far away..     Often, years ago, when the work was busy, one after another, when the work was finished, they were almost exhausted physically and mentally and often hesitated to go home.. Besides, a few years ago, the New Year’s Day was not yet a legal holiday and could not return home on its own.     The pressure of modern life is so great that it can’t be mixed up outside, and there are often some ” fear of return”. After a long absence from my hometown and seeing my folks, I will surely ask about your work and life, especially your income. Although I flew out of my hometown in the early 1980s’ golden phoenix’, I was rare and had a good reputation at that time, I won’t be able to live in the world by dint of my salary for decades. My purse is not full and my energy is not big, so I can’t benefit my fellows, far less than many of my obscure friends at that time, and I can’t help myself with shame.. Besides, some of the debt due to childhood poverty may not last for the rest of my life.. The in the mind is timid.     In the city, I had my own small family. According to the traditional view, I have already started my own home for the New Year. The real family is already a small family. Although, this small family is going back almost every day, I can’t wait until the New Year.. During the New Year, small families will also imitate their hometown, eat reunion dinner and respect their ancestors. Although the form is simple, their hearts have reached the age of, and they will still pass.. Home in the heart, home in the world; There are years in the heart and years everywhere. Sometimes, I think so.     What’s more, my parents, who brought us up through hardships and hardships, are old, but their personalities are still very hard and they still don’t agree with each other. They often talk without speculation and do it after saying it until they are separated, one from the eldest brother and the other from the younger brother. Strictly speaking, they are already two families.. Every time I go home, whether I visit my father at the eldest brother’s house or my mother at the younger brother’s house, I feel like a guest. The home I live with my parents is completely different.. Every time I go back, I feel annoyed about some small things. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have the ability to resolve my parents’ grievances for decades. I could only persuade them with good words, even though my heart was very sad.. I also want to bring my parents to live here, but they are used to living in the countryside and want to be quiet, too noisy in the city to live. In this way, I will go home every year, during the Spring Festival or at ordinary times, buy them something, give them some living expenses, and call and talk at ordinary times, that’s all. Not afraid of jokes, according to the ” new 24filial piety” standard, the gap is very big. Only this ability, really ashamed.     As the New Year draws near, many people have to go home and travel in succession. Traffic congestion is also a problem.. Think about the way home, the in the mind is a bit of a mess.     ‘ golden nest silver nest, not as good as their own dog kennel. After getting used to his small family and going back to his hometown, there are already many inconveniences in life, whether it’s to his brother’s or sister’s house, he always feels that he is not comfortable in his own nest..     Visitors to the country will eventually return to the home.. Even so, they still want to go home, especially as they grow older, this idea is very strong.. Go home, look at Qingshan Xiushui, look at people who might have disappeared that day, smell the long-lost smoke, breathe fresh air, walk the familiar mountain roads, communicate with relatives, and enjoy themselves without any utility..     Every time I think of my hometown, my relatives and the New Year, I can’t help feeling the surge of emotion, emotion and tears in my eyes..     When I was a child, life was so bitter, material was so poor, and we were all so small. Although our parents were noisy, they would do their best to do something new for the New Year, and the family was still happy during the New Year..    Now, the eight sisters have formed eight families, all in married with children. It’s hard to get together during the New Year..     As a child, the situation of New Year’s Day can only be kept in mind.     My hometown is an eternal oasis in my heart, delivering oxygen energy continuously for me.     Home is my starting point forever, no matter how high and how far I fly, it is still on this starting point.    My hometown is a cleanser of my mind. I will be baptized, refreshed and energetic when I think about it..     The Chinese New Year’s Day home is a brief conversion of my soul, still as it is, whether it be a return of body and mind or a return of soul alone..     No matter how tangled it may be, the strong affection from the bottom of my heart will not be diluted by the years..     The old year will go, and in the new year’s future, dare to ask the world traveler that the new year will come in a few days. are you going home?