Children, please be tolerant of yourself


[ Editor’s Note ]The flowers in the Botanical Garden are beautiful. No matter from which perspective, they are a pair of poems and paintings that let people stop staring at. I walked into its circle but couldn’t walk into its world. I looked through its beauty but still couldn’t understand its mind..   When I came to the city where I wanted to stay, I had just finished my recent work from another city. I thought I would stay there, but I was scared because I chose to retreat when I saw the truth.. Friends relieved, children, please be tolerant of yourself, not every time you can make absolutely correct choices. How can you know what is the right choice without making mistakes??   Think of me, who was relieved too. On that day, a person quietly walked through some familiar memories of this. Those who used to laugh emerged little by little. Think of the way I was happy and satisfied. I smiled slightly and waited quietly in this city to grow quietly..   I don’t know when, I’m tolerant of myself, no longer demanding what I must do. I just smiled at the injustice and let go of it. Although sometimes I feel tired and tired, my heart hurts too much to speak, how can I do it?. When things go wrong, I just accept them quietly, then adapt to them, and finally get used to them slowly, such as leaving, such as being apart, such as being strange, such as being human and not being human.   Aware of his clumsiness after he came out to work, fortunately, he has a very personal persistence, so he has made a small achievement in the field he wants to work hard. Perhaps because of this, persistence has become a part of his character. Some people say it is an obsession, others say it is an enterprise, and I just regard it as my habit..   When I came to the real life in this place, I found myself still out of place, not playing and enjoying quiet. Apart from the park, the place I went to was between mountains and rivers. All I did was read books, take a walk, write tofu lumps on the Internet occasionally, or watch movies and chat with people I knew..   I found myself becoming calm, mature and sensible, and when I discovered the gap between me and him, I had already come out of that sad mood. It turned out that there was really no one in this world who could not leave, and there was nothing that could not be forgotten. You had already quietly forgotten that strong emotion when you refused to forget each other..   I have been in Baoji for half a year, and my daily life is regular and full. My friends always say I am too calm when they ask about the latest situation. I smiled and said to them, I like it very much and I am satisfied with my current life. Although the days are not rich, I can eat my own food every day, walk after meals, read books before going to bed, and have one or two friends who can chat with me. Life is actually quite good..   I bought an electric rice cooker the other day and it was easier to cook. I heard the teacher say that eating soya-bean milk twisted dough sticks in the morning is bad for my health, so I changed my recipe and cooked more food in the evening. I stayed hot in the morning and ate some outside at noon. I bought some stew on weekends to make up for myself..   The other day, I was interested in lottery tickets, bought a few notes, and got a few figures and some small fortune, which made the teachers shake their heads in distress situation. In fact, I didn’t hold much hope, but I just wanted to give myself a glimmer of hope in a calm life..   This week, I was busy writing a summary of my work. I was very tired. Then I signed a mobile phone. After a few nights, I felt too much for my body. I looked gaunt and tired. I bought black chicken stew on my rest day. It was full of fragrance and long-lost taste. I drank two bowls of it at different times but still couldn’t finish it..   Outside was a scene of spring, with unknown flowers blooming brilliantly, all the way to the company. After work, a person went home listening to music while enjoying the beautiful scenery. It was 45 minutes later when he got home. He was blamed by the masters, did not know how to protect himself, and did not know how to pay attention to safety..   The flowers in the botanical garden are very beautiful, no matter from which perspective, they are a pair of poems and paintings that let people stop staring at. I walked into its circle but couldn’t walk into its world. I looked through its beauty but still couldn’t understand its mind.. Smelling the fragrance of a flower is a slight sorrow. Picking up a withered flower is a faint scent. The meaning of life is fixed at this moment and gazing into ruin..   Recently, the sky has been clear and warm, so that the dryness and heat have signs of stirring. I don’t know how to go out when I look at the clothes hanging.. After thinking and thinking, I finally stayed in a small room, immersed in a faint fragrance of books and reviewing the peace of the past..   I was invited out to enjoy the taste of ice cream, only to find that I have lost it for many years. Those sweet taste, pure milk fragrance, attractive color and greedy appearance are all memories. After all, I stepped out of the room and went to the city to eat a piece of cream cake that is still preserved today.   Coffee is a cappuccino. Why not? Recently, I like these sweet tastes. Even the pot of chicken soup is sweet and tasted by donkey-hide gelatin. I dare not be too greedy to have it, so that the taste of happiness and happiness can last as long as possible. Once upon a time, we always treated our favorite things like food, such as happiness, such as happiness..   Life has gone through a period of time. I can’t say that my metamorphosis from the original immaturity to today is not the result of an epiphany. I only treat those who hurt me with tolerance and treat myself with more tolerance after experiencing those pains. My heart understands in pain bit by bit, epiphany in struggle and I know myself in confusion..   Children, please be tolerant to yourself, don’t let too much trouble bother your heart, your heart is not as strong as they think, you will be weak, will shed tears, will be sad, don’t let it be too sad, children who live in winter too long will miss the awakening of spring too easily..   Children, please be tolerant of yourself, don’t let your body be too weak, it has been slowly gaunt, slowly aging, need your careful care, need your meticulous care, please take good care of yourself while taking care of others everywhere..   Children, please be tolerant of yourself. Don’t let your life be entangled by common things. Life is only so long. Live well today and work hard to create tomorrow. Although the process is hard to avoid, that future will have more hope..   Children, please be tolerant to yourself. This world of mortals is not as simple as you think. It is good not to argue with others, but it is more important to take every step of your life. The world is very big. I hope you can wave your wings like an angel to look forward to the coming of tomorrow even if the storm strikes in the future..[ Editor in Charge: Rain Also Odd ]