Bow a handful of ink fragrance, printing and dyeing know each other fragrant


The autumn wind came slowly, the shadows of the trees fluttered, butterflies fluttered past and drew a beautiful color.. The sky in late autumn is suffused with faint chrysanthemum fragrance, while the weeping willows in the north are dancing languidly in the autumn wind. Chenhui decorated the northern country into a poetic palace, and literati are floating from the distant sky with their magic pens.. The whole sky seems to be a spiritual declaration full of poetry lines. If you touch it lightly with your hand, you will drop a few beautiful poetry lines. The willow embankment is wet and glistening with autumn dew. The grass along the road is still so moist and emerald.!     In the autumn of October, the cold wind began to rustle. But I just sit here and fall into a permanent memory, ringing the bells of the years? I know this season belongs to harvest, it is a season to annotate life with sweat and gain joy.. Like to be able to walk in this city that never sleeps with impunity in the cool autumn wind like it is now. Raise your head at will, count the green trees and leaves one by one, or one may taste the noise of flowers and listen to the wind in the boundless wilderness.. Mountains are also pleasant, and water is also pleasant!     In the autumn of October, all the way through the dust, the leaves will fall and the grass will turn yellow. The rain started last night and drenched all the streets. The next quarter moon, the sky hung high. I have been composing my own poems in my own way, but I always feel that there are few sentences between the lines that can satisfy me and make others appreciate me.. So I have nothing to spare, and I will record those paragraphs that may flash by.. The yellowing tone of the handwriting is just in line with my aesthetics. Only think that the more old things, the more full of beautiful vicissitudes of life! The wind is telling us, sometimes violently, sometimes quietly. The irrelevant memory gradually becomes clear in the heart. There is often a feeling that the west building is full of rain and wind, as if it were implying something!     Looking up at the sky, stars. Recall these beautiful past, warm and happy. The days you walk with are ordinary and romantic. Through the four seasons, passing through spring, changing the solar terms, what remains unchanged is my eternal gaze at you. All the way up, all the way happy, all the way intoxicating scenery. Every day with you has left unforgettable memories and a string of unforgettable and joyful laughter. The beauty of this journey has been collected in my life and merged into my heart to become eternal.. Looking back, what feels most deeply is the virtual network, which shapes the real you and me!     In the cool autumn, I am used to the weather full of cold wind in the daytime. The night was bleak and intuition was thin. Standing on the street where the wind blows, listening to the low voice of the north wind. Quiet streets, yellow street lamps do not shine on the high night sky. Walking alone, I heard cars honking in the distance and felt the wind passing through my ears. Often sit at the window and watch the world outside. Green woods, towering rockeries, parked vehicles and passers-by are all intently staring at each other without relaxing for a moment.. I only felt there was nothing in my mind at that time, pretending to be happy, hiding from others and not from myself. I know that I can go on like this until everything has nothing to do with me!     The flowers in the courtyard are condensed and the intoxicating fragrance encourages the continuous yearning. The autumn wind rustles the petals scattered all over the floor in various forms, scattering light yellow, the moon is as cold as frost, the night is as lonely as me, the unseen friendship, the endless words of heart, and how clear and bright the mind is as gentle as the wind. Natural and unrestrained taste of life’s sweet and mellow, arrange the bits between you and me into a beautiful fairy tale, and each other’s life is full of the fragrance of encounter.. The vast sea of people, gathering and scattering apart, has a true remote view of the distance, and I am looking for your fragrance with good expectations.! May the wind carry my wishes to your window and I sincerely wish you happiness forever!     I often silently meditate. In the boundless sea of people, I met you and you met me. I missed you, who did you notice? Who accompanied me for a ride and who did you accompany for a lifetime? Along the way, I will meet many people. You may accompany me to a stop, you may be just a passer – by, so I left many commas in my life, one experience after another. A comma for a relationship; A period of pay a comma, countless commas waiting, just waiting for the final full stop! Sitting at the beginning of the autumn chill, my mind involuntarily surges up, and my lonely night is cold and cheerless, melting into the thick thoughts.!     The key points, nimbly looking for that period of time, like the waves stirred up by small stones, circle after circle, wave after wave, passing by and wearing gently for a shallow time.. The flowers scattered in the bleak autumn night are still secretly fragrant and waiting for the beauty of meeting and sadness of parting.. As I entered middle age, I was still chanting the Peach Blossom Temple song of the Lord of Peach Blossom Temple, but I still thought how lax I was.. Today, I write these words for you with the most truth in my heart. I hope one day you can understand that you are the most beautiful encounter I have ever had in the world of mortals.! The beautiful things are just some meticulous care and gratitude.The flowers and plants in the garden are swaying in the autumn dance, all because of the wind!     Last year, I met you here today, because you and I are humorous cells, we will cherish each other. You and I have a common language.. Remember it was also a sunny day, I was attracted by your talent and admiration. I only stopped listening to your humorous words. I was afraid of disturbing the morning bird at night and breaking such a quiet and poetic mood, heart and entering the holy land. It was a kind of inexplicable excitement and expectation. Who designed such words? Let me and you meet in the world of mortals. Who designed this fate? Let me meet you in mo Xiang. How many days and nights have I been whispering for that beautiful encounter and occasionally generating inexplicable excitement for this late encounter!     For me, the autumn of October is a beautiful encounter and a season of friendship. Three years ago, I was pleased to meet him, and three years later I sent him away with tearful eyes.. However, in my hopeless years, fate has made you and I have forged an indissoluble bond. To my surprise, the day when I met you and you turned out to be a day.. So today is my unforgettable day, and I will always remember it. Walking in the sunshine, let the wind so gently stroke my body, kiss my cheek, breathe the sweet air, and fill my heart with the fragrance of this season. May I go to a most affectionate date with this season every year. When the prosperity is exhausted, I still have the most beautiful memories.!     I sat quietly in the autumn and quietly opened my heart lock to let all the days I’ve experienced walk calmly and open all the chapters I haven’t written in an open and frank manner.. There are memories soaked with tears, and the promise of the enzyme accumulated in the heart corner, and then they will be sorted out and basked in to mark this beautiful season.. Looking through the memories of the past, I suddenly felt that I didn’t write where I should have written, but wasted a lot of ink where I shouldn’t have written. Life may really not be able to bear such unnecessary consumption? Maybe I really can’t get another chance to repair the old days? Then I can only treat my future well and dress up everything I face well!     Every time the moonlight shines, I will sit quietly by the window, let the night breeze caress my face, lift my eyes to count the stars of the moon night, and worry all over the place.. Looking at your direction and thinking of you at that moment, my heart was dyed sweet as chrysanthemum, holy as wind, and often I will fill my heart with this caring mood.! Quiet night, no wind, no rain, a crescent moon outside the window is looking at me. Dim lights, a few messy sheets of paper, a cup of scented tea and a pen with me for many years are just enough. Looking at the sky, the night is dark, and the sound of sirens in the night can remind me of many dusty past events!     The night is very quiet and beautiful. The autumn wind gently blows the flowing clouds and streaks of cloud appear in the night sky, like lines of melancholy wrinkles that fill the sky.. Quiet moonlight, infected with the sadness of implicature; The loneliness of the wind, swaying lingering in the heart. Such a moment is doomed to my dream. Tap the keyboard, enjoy a lonely life, and remember your heart shuttling through the moonlight. Gently opened the heart window, slowly walked into the temple of spring with the care for you far away, quietly flowing through the spring sky. The wind is blowing, wheatgrass is spreading, flying thoughts are faint and fragrant, and a quiet heart unconsciously steps in the direction of searching for you.. I know, in the distant night sky, there is a pair of warm eyes watching!     Some flowers are opening. Some dreams, beginning to be full of color. Standing in a monotonous October chewing life. Familiarity has gradually become unfamiliar, and no familiarity can be found among strangers. There are you, me and her in the story, and they can’t approach the happiness of life after all.. Let those feelings solidified in the depths of the soul become eternal memories of life. Standing watch in the lean October, speechless at the moment, quietly staying on the ground and looking up at the sky. Seeing all the yearning swirl, the tide of sighs, like ripples rippling in a lake, can’t abandon the lost sadness after all.. I saw loneliness gliding in the moonlight, with long thoughts reaching out to the distance of the season!     It’s a song about the years. Heart, sometimes is redundant. People, sometimes it is silence. The tide of ups and downs is hovering over how many lines of poetry and how much sorrow, the things that hide my eyes are always sad. In fact, I am very happy because I am surrounded by warm friendship, but I just want to give myself a free sky.. There are some things in life, not to be invisible or not to be realized, but to be felt. Behind the mysterious veil is your soul, so I don’t have the heart to touch it, because I know you have your own world, about words, just telling the mood at this time, I’m not good at promising anything, because I respect promises very much.!     The beautiful encounter, thanks to the network platform, in October, we look forward to the same harvest. Beautiful encounter, brewing wine, talk and hope, you and I are conveying care and greetings. The beautiful encounter, the root of missing, the autumn wind blowing up, also turned each other’s heart lake to blow wrinkles. We have a common prayer, a natural exchange in the world of mortals, and we hope to cherish each other for a long time and write another spring and autumn with rich and substantial contents.. Whenever you are away, I wander in the moonlight, you are the untouchable nerve in my hand..Only in such a night, in such a quiet solitude, can I enjoy the dim and uncertain moon in the moonlight of one place.!     The wind, graceful and restrained my flowing long hair, charmed my tender feelings and poured out thoughts to the round of Yuet Hua.. Gently and quietly in such a quiet night, I pushed open the window of memory again. Once upon a time, the memory and sweetness still filled my heart.. Why, life always hides the most beautiful and sweet memory? Memory is a bunch of silent eyes. I am afraid of looking forward to wearing it and trying to close my eyes, but I can’t deceive myself. I am filled with all the traces you and I have.. Worrying about the heart will tremble, feeling will stimulate the drain to spread, tears will flow like clear spring water, tears are telling thousands of words!     The night sky is vast and boundless, with a crescent moon and scattered stars. The cold wind outside the window was blowing in with the cool feeling of autumn night. Memories of the past have settled in ink and ink, and the tenderness of the past has turned into a poignant poem line, indulging in the meeting between you and me in the world of mortals and purple streets, detaining sentimental oneself in the long river of thoughts, supporting a long pole, driving a boat, traveling happily in the turbulent years, the left bank is a warm feeling, the right bank is a sweet meaning, and the sea cannot stop the affectionate call.! Gathering can not replace the pain of parting, nor can memories bear the sadness of heart. The heart slowly became messy, gazing out of the window at the moonlight and sending a wish from afar. A piece of mo Xiang wrote the story of the dream in October, mixed you with my words, bowed a handful of mo Xiang, and printed the fragrance of your acquaintance and mine … 2012. 10. 11