At that moment, fixed for eternity


‘ Where the fallen leaves will go with the wind, leaving only a beautiful scene in the sky. The voice that once danced like the wings of an angel flashed across my happy past.” Whenever this familiar music sounded, my mind was mechanically reminded of that beautiful winter afternoon, the weather was cold and humid, and large snowflakes were floating in the air, and I walked on the street with an excited and moved heart, listening to this song while stepping on the snow.. Occasionally stopped, looked up at the gray sky, looked at the beautiful snowflakes that seemed to be blowing in my face, and thought for a few times that I had become a snow, crowded in the cotton wool all over the sky and dancing with them recklessly..     At that time, that afternoon, my heart forgot all the troubles in the world, all the sorrows, all the things I had to do, and I went all out to enjoy the ease and happiness that seemed isolated from the rest of the world during the long drought in winter… That beautiful winter afternoon with heavy snow, that beautiful song, in this way, was frozen in my mind for eternity…