Allium fistulosum and Osmanthus fragrans


There are always two things in my mind these days.     The same is onion orchid. On that day, I got up in the morning and walked along Dong ‘an Avenue to the unit. Suddenly, I found that the delicate green and graceful green cymbidium at the foot of the flower bed had many white flowers.. A strange tremor occurred in the heart, so he stayed in his heart to ferment and give birth to many ideas. The same is sweet osmanthus. Last year, when I went to work in a new place, my heart was so uncomfortable that I was completely unconscious by the fragrance of the ground and suddenly took off my boredom.. I wanted to write a few words for the intoxicating fragrance of sweet osmanthus, but I never did. Time passed like running water, and I didn’t think it was’ August osmanthus blossoms everywhere, Mid – Autumn Festival full of happiness’, when the fragrance of osmanthus was once again immersed in my nose, drunk with heart, lungs and sun and moon..     Allium fistulosum and Osmanthus fragrans are two different kinds of plants. Allium fistulosum is an evergreen herb with a height of 30 – 40cm. Osmanthus fragrans is an evergreen tree or shrub with a height of 3 – 4 meters and a maximum of 18 meters. A kind of plant is low and tidy, has many flowers and is weak and can’t resist the wind. It shrinks to the side of the road, neither ” tall and powerful” nor ” Yushu Linfeng”; The plant is several meters tall, thick and leafy, and its crown is round and swaying, making people love it.. How to” La Lang Pei”, it is also difficult to pull them together. However, they entered my field of vision at the same time, blossomed at the same time, and were particularly strong and exciting, making me have to examine and compare them more.     Such as onion orchid. Twenty years ago, when a classmate introduced me to flowers, the first thing I knew was onion orchids.. At that time, it was an orchid like green onion, soft and green, which did not attract my attention.. Nowadays, the flower beds and roads in the city are full of scallions and orchids, full of white flowers, like a ” rice grain” in winter, with a circle of white edges on the green and green earth, which is really beautiful. When I went to Baidu for a check, there were many articles and verses written by Allium fistulosum.. What”’ reflection still shines in the valley of Lansheng”,” secluded clumps do not fill feet, empty valleys are fragrant”, praising the green orchid for its fragrance and purity. ‘ solitary LanSheng secluded garden, all the grass with weeds. Although according to the light of green sun, after sorrow high autumn moon”, praised the uniqueness of onion orchid and the disappointment of lota.. Onion orchid’s flower language and symbolic meaning are first love and pure love.     Such as osmanthus fragrans. It is one of the top ten traditional flowers in China, and it is an excellent garden tree species with both ornamental and practical functions, which integrates greening, beautification and aroma.. At that time, the school was built on a sweet osmanthus island, full of sweet osmanthus on the island. ” There are ten miles of fragrance in the wind and ten miles of fragrance without wind.”. Because its flowers are clear and can never be seen, and its concentration can far overflow, there are as many works of singing laurel as cattle feathers.. ‘ spring pressure west wind good at all the aromatic, very autumn color busy for Iraq; Under the window of a light book store, people and flower hearts are fragrant respectively ( Zhu Shuzhen takes part in the lute” ), praising the fragrance of osmanthus fragrans. ‘ graceful rock under the laurel, only fragrance at the end of the year. The leaves are green and the flowers are yellow. Tianxiang gave birth to a pure thought, and the cloud shadow protected the fairy’s makeup. Who knows Wang Sun’s meaning and sings the hidden chapter empty ( Zhu Xi joined in singing Yan Gui” ), praising Yan Gui’s noble and clean character. . Ah, there are not only many poets’ verses, but also beautiful myths and legends. Its flowers are meant to be’ lofty’,’ beautiful’,’ auspicious’,’ friendly’,’ loyal’ and’ upright and unyielding’,’ fairy friend’,’ fairy guest’; Its branches are meant to be’ outstanding figures’ and’ official career’. For thousands of years, it has been prosperous for a long time..     Both things are liked by people, but I have more pity for onion orchid. Because osmanthus fragrans, with its luxuriant branches and luxuriant foliage, has a beautiful crown and is a Chinese and American woman. Its flowers are crowded and crowded, bunched into spikes, egg yolks are rich and fluttering like rain like fog and smoke, washing away dust and splashing the lungs.. ‘ Flowers bloom in the natural autumn when the moon is limitless.’,’ Shadow falls and floats a glass of wine, and the fragrance of flowers attacks the guest’s clothes.. ‘ Praise and glory are worth everything. The green orchid is not so lucky, ” its leaves are like green onion, although it is handsome and green, but its appearance is mediocre.”. With grass growing together, it is difficult to tell at a glance. Born to be the most humble of flowers and trees, it has never been a great hall. It only lingers in the garden and beside the road all its life. It is just silently green, silently open, silently beautifying the surrounding environment. It’ has no flower fragrance, no tree height, just a grass nobody knows. ‘ Praise and glory do not have its share. Luxury and nobility do not touch it. Even in the row of seats, it can only be edged and cannot sit in the middle of the front row, let alone enjoy sunshine, rain and nutrition..     In fact, as long as you stay in the foot, bend over and study carefully, you will find that the clumps and rows of inconspicuous scallion orchids spread along the ground, randomly and neatly, raising the eyes and pleasing the mood.. Its leaves are thin and round, sharp and straight, tender and lovely, fresh and energetic. Its flowers are like white clouds falling in the green grass, pure, natural and peaceful, with six long oval petals regularly next to each other, surrounded by golden flowers, leaning back slightly and leaning toward the direction of petal extension, ” like a girl performing ballet in the water, holding hands in a circle in the blue waves, and then stretching their bodies around at the same time, petal-like blooming”’.     The beauty of onion and orchid, beauty in innocence, beauty in silence.