A ” Song of Destiny” after FIFA


[ Guide ]: ( The original load took part in the hot air blowing, the heart rain flying, People’s Daily Publishing House ) ). The world outlook, outlook on life and values developed in the special years I have experienced have determined that I will not compare with others, will not cling to others, will not drag out an ignoble existence and will not gain a foothold.. Therefore, calm, cool, detached, honest, sincere and loyal have become the support of my life.   Today, on my birthday, I casually said that today, five years ago, I made the first cry of my life in a small cottage in the ancient capital of Xi ‘an.. Later, Xi ‘an’s Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda and the broad road full of small mushroom tops suddenly became a permanent bun paste in my memory. What is clear and indestructible is the rice bran, aquatic plants, bark and wild vegetables that are hungry and hard to swallow . and the sadness of sleeping in wheat fields’ eating green’ in spring – what is it that my mother took my brother and I back to the countryside of my hometown in order to avoid three years of natural disasters, but the countryside was also controlled by hunger. Father volunteered to return home’ to support agriculture’. As a result, ” Big Brother of Workers” became ” Brother of Farmers” and finally said goodbye to 71 years of life as a farmer after more than 10 years as a production team accountant and more than 10 years as a private teacher..     What about me?? The hunger in my long body determines my congenital deficiency. People are five or six years old, still can’t walk, lying in the sun, enjoying their curved belly, unable to drive away the green-headed flies. When I graduated from high school in 1974, I was only 1.45 meters tall. In order to write the title of the bulletin board properly, the newspaper always climbs up and down’ the ” folded beam and frame house”. It was not until the end of 1976 that the ” Victory Canal” battle, sweating and eating, created a winter fairy tale: three months into the present height!     After three years of hunger, the school was closed. The vigorous movement has made school a lively activity. Fortunately, high school caught up with ” quality first” in three years and learned some knowledge before ” white volume hero” was praised. Became’ educated youth in their hometowns’, in’ vast heaven and earth’ and’ great achievements’:’ get up early at 3: 30, have two meals in the field, do not rest at noon, work overtime at night”, and insist on doing good things without leaving a name, hoping to have a good’ performance”, and can be’ recommended’ to go to college.. However, the ” weakness” of integrity ” offended the powerful,” secondment ”,” Wen Chuang was followed ” and” recovered ” and was admitted to university by” political review ” and” ousted ” by” ruthless ” and” substitute civilian ” by” without reason ”, burned lime, sold mutton soup and floated down the fleet until it took root as a standard farmer.! Fortunately, the policy is ” loose”. After having a pair of children, I left home and went to work in the city. Fortunately, I met ” Bole” to know people and pushed me to the news road by all means. Only then did I have smooth sailing step by step.!     It was plain sailing, but in fact it was an extravagant hope. From migrant workers to collective contract workers to collective fixed workers, all-people contract workers, all-people fixed workers, to national cadres, from 1984 to 1989, they traveled all the way across six levels and did not dare to neglect. Assistant reporters, reporters, director reporters and outstanding journalists in Shandong province are like sailing against the water, with ropes and pole handles not relaxed for a moment.. Housing commercialization has become a heavily indebted household. In the industrialization of education, two college students overdrawn the rest of my life. My children are outstanding and have promise. My overdraft is also worth it and my load is easy..     Children have promise, thanks to the hard work of their wives. When I was struggling in the low ebb of my life, she drifted into my dry dream like a spring breeze, driving away all the frozen ice in my life. I wrote an article about the communication of Yong Cha destroyed windson, a female township party secretary, which was broadcast on Shandong Radio Station, and was criticized for stealing trees and entering the house to start a quarrel.. She rushed here, armed with a spade, forcefully chased people out of the house and out of the village in the future.! After three years of marriage, we have a pair of children in succession. She carried all the heavy burdens at home and let me go into town to make my career. Later, I seized the opportunity to change her agriculture to work in the city. She was still in good order both inside and outside, leaving me with no distractions and a successful career.. As for the children, they also made progress with me, fulfilling the university dream that our husband and wife failed to realize..     The world outlook, outlook on life and values developed in the special years I have experienced have determined that I will not compare with others, will not cling to others, will not drag out an ignoble existence and will not gain a foothold.. Therefore, calm, cool, detached, honest, sincere and loyal have become the support of my life. ‘ always ready”, is my youth’s promise; ” To be a knowledgeable person, a moral person and a person useful to society” is my youth’s hope. ‘ never tire of learning, never tire of teaching, never tire of teaching, never tire of teaching, never fail to compete with each other for novelty and splendor”, is my creed in the process of practicing. ‘ Live up to what I gave birth to and raised me, live up to what I gave birth to and raised me, live up to affection, friendship and love” is the moral principle I abide by. ‘ Treat people honestly, love as a document, make friends in a document, take friends as a teacher, and respect teachers”, which is my good wish for life. Life is like climbing Mount Tai, how many and eighteen rounds of journey, and I have to struggle hard to get into the best part of my life, sweet in the clouds and looking back.’,’ getting into the best part of my life is endless, and the path of human life is from the Spring and Autumn Period”, which is my sincere feeling of half a hundred lives. ‘ Live to be old, learn to be old, and live to be old”’ is the ultimate goal of my life . Ah, life is untimely and fate is ill, and it is the foreshadowing of my life before I was 30 years old.. However, disaster is also wealth, and sharpening is also experience. With these foundation stones, it was only after the age of 30 that I was getting better and better: I was happy, and my wife was meticulous in caring and caring. I am lucky that a pair of children, shine on you, is better than Blue. I’m excited. Many close teachers and friends who are in trouble, are not rebellious, forget their years and share the same interests are always paying attention to me, caring for me, encouraging me and comforting me – among them, President Shao Huaze of the All – China Journalists Association and President Yang Weiguang of the China Television Artists Association are happy to write titles or preface for my winning works. I am proud that ” the media have been dedicated for 30 years and have been married without regrets, with three eyes in a heart window and I speak freely with hot air and rain.”; I am ordinary and always want to keep coming up with new ideas. Although I have not been able to make my wish, I have never been silent. I am pleased that those predecessors who had repressed me later sincerely understood me, recognized me and appreciated me. I reflected on why some of the younger generation I really and truly helped would’ misread’ me . ah, of course, I’m sorry because there is no return ticket in life.!     In the fifty year of hardships and hardships, I suddenly look back on so many’ life tastes’ and’ destiny’ that I, a man with dedication, responsibility and enterprise, understanding feelings, passion and reason, but few fears, will not be in vain in this life!     ( On the night of November 9, 2006 )[ Responsible Editor: Chloe ]