Big Baby Green Army angry distal winning 33 points can not put out the Lakers Kobe 2 level 2


  Ticker on June 11th, the Celtics finally an angry, beat the Lakers at home to 96-89, the two sides battle in the finals 2-2。 Celtic were still at a time is 14。
  Celtic refused consecutive home defeat。
Section IV bench most of the time is there, but what they destroyed opponents。
Glen off the bench – Davis scored 18 points, Nate – Robinson 12 points。 – Paul Pierce 19 points, six rebounds and five assists – Ray Allen scored 12 points, Kevin – Kevin Garnett 13 points。
  The Lakers lead the first three quarters most of the time, but the last one was in the other party off the hook off the bench。
– Kobe Bryant hit six pointers, scored 33 points, Paul – Gasol 21 points and six rebounds, Lamar – 10. Odom。 Lakers bench had 18 points, and 36 points scored Celtic。   Defense is still the subject of two teams, after the opening, the two sides hit rate is not high。
Celtic 5-2 start, the Lakers only two minutes before Bryant hit a ball, but Gasol has since been hit, beyond the score。 Since the two teams several times a tie game, two-thirds vote in the seconds before the end of this section, Robinson came off the bench, the Celtics to 19-16 end of this section。
  Robinson II began soon after the third hit, played a role Jones, the Celtics still 24-21 lead。 Bryant began to get angry, in the middle of this section, his third consecutive hit within 33 seconds, beyond Lakers 35-31。
Lakers was leading 8 points, but in this section of the final 1 minute 47 seconds only 2 points。 Celtic Controls This section last attack – Ray Allen was shot when Gasol blocked shots, but after Garnett the ball, turned and hit a buzzer, the first half, the Celtics only to 42- 45 behind。   After the third hit 2 minutes, the Celtics only by the Perkins tipped succeeded, for the first time shooting, Rondo followed in the distance score, chasing the score 48-49。
This section there are 5 minutes, the Celtics than the score, but Ke Bima to a record one-third, the Lakers regained the advantage。 Several times the two teams alternating the lead, and Bryant then hit two three-pointers, but after this section 8 minutes and 27 seconds, Bryant only one hit three balls, arranged the Lakers this time all of the 9 points。 Nevertheless, after three sessions, the Lakers still lead 62-60。
  Kobe Bryant in the third quarter again and again saved the Lakers, but after the fourth quarter began his three missed shots, Ray – Ray Allen of the Celtics bench four large-scale attack, shot a wave of 14-4, in contest there are 7 minutes and 46 seconds to 73-66 to gain advantage。
  Kobe Bryant in this section there are 7 minutes 25 seconds only got 2 points with free throws, but the Lakers failed to find a sense of。
The Celtics bench to stay in the field, this section there are 4 minutes 22 seconds, Robinson from people through the forest, shot at close range, the Celtics 83-74 ahead by 9 points。
  Until game 2 minutes and 51 seconds, was put Boston Garnett and Pierce et al.。   Bryant when shooting in this section have 1 minute 56 seconds, Pierce immediately but also to a ball and cause foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast, the Celtics 90-81 to stay ahead。   Bryant is still trying to save the Lakers in the final 1 minute 08 seconds hit three free throws, the Lakers to tie it at 84-90。
After the Celtics shot, Bryant had a good opportunity to continue to narrow the gap, but lost the ball in the attack, Londo fast break, the Celtics made an eight-point advantage, the Lakers antidote。
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