Real knowledge comes from practice


Today is the sixth day for the social practice team to come to Beipo Middle School in the morning and dream of going to the countryside. The past unaccustomed and strange feeling gradually disappeared and began to adapt to the rhythm of life here.. Every day, they can be amused by a group of small mischiefs from the logistics team and have established a deep friendship with them.. In addition, what has benefited me a lot is that I was able to test my knowledge through practice during the teaching period and in the process of logistics work.. Celebrities once mentioned: ” Practice and action are the basic tasks of life; Knowledge and knowledge are only means and methods through which major work can be done well. Therefore, the knowledge that life must possess should be determined according to the needs of practice and action. As a college student, participating in a series of activities similar to the summer three countryside can deepen the understanding of the society and oneself, improve their understanding of the current situation of economic and social development, realize a better combination of book knowledge and practical knowledge, and help to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. The practice of going to the countryside has only four days left so far, saying more than words and less than words. On the one hand, I hope that time can ease homesickness, on the other hand, I am not willing to leave this group of simple and naive children.. The thinking and enlightenment brought to me in these six days will be the necessary nourishment for my growth. These six days have been both happy and full. Although I have paid sweat, the knowledge I have gained from it is far greater than the sweat I have paid.