Forgetting has become our most powerful weapon


So quietly holding a book to read, the cabin was quiet and peaceful, and no one bothered me today. I am immersed in the world of books, but my thoughts wander outside the books alone. The bad news in the morning made me unable to return to god, shocked and sad, for nothing but the premature death of a fresh life and sorrow of my age.. No matter what he did, no matter how much he condemned, he was an ordinary man, with no big mistake and no drastic action, and he was just like an ordinary citizen, showing off his pride in his leadership position.. I also admire his ability to manage and earn money and dislike his style of doing things for others. However, from the bottom of my heart, he helped me and people can’t forget his kindness. Although his help only felt that I was too honest and easy to bully, I did, I remember.. After a long walk and a view, I always thought I was transparent, but how can I see all the worldly wisdom? Confused again confused, sad again sad! It turns out that I don’t need pity most, and there are more sorrows in the interpretation. The world is moving in my eyes. I opened my eyes and looked hard into the sky. I used my life’s wisdom to interpret but forgot that the real care is forgetting, the real gain is losing, the real happiness is looking back at the past. What you don’t get is true happiness, what you get is abandonment. Loss is gain, gain is loss!     There is always some sadness around me, and I am always sad to hear and see these things. I can’t let go when I watch others’ misfortune, so when I experience my own bitterness, I can understand it.. After seeing all these things, the people around you will encourage themselves to be better to themselves and use them to trouble themselves rather than relax. The farther you go, the more you see, the harder your heart will be? The more you know, the more you know, won’t you be sad? People always decide the world with their own eyes and always think that their thoughts are a kind of truth. Really, the world is kind and just buried in a bigotry. Really, the world is beautiful, just forgotten outside the memory. Don’t always use cold eyes and cold gaze. Don’t always use a lonely heart to interpret reality proudly. I don’t believe it. The world is so vulnerable. I believe that goodness and pure beauty will always appear inadvertently. A piece of trust, a piece of giving, will always appear in life. Life is full of surprises. How can I meet without passing by? If you don’t go and see it, how can you get a spare part? When a young life leaves, I look back on the past and cherish the present. Just like cherishing a flower in winter, cherishing a rare kindness.     I really appreciate living in this world healthily and seeing the scenery on the way to life.. The news around you is getting younger and younger, and the pressure from life is also getting heavier and heavier.. Everyone is shouldering a heavy burden, and no one can relax or comfort anyone.. Even under the cold north wind, they also wrapped their clothes tightly to resist the winter and the moon alone. Not everyone can give compassion, not everyone can give compassion. Therefore, if you have a pair of warm hands to hold up your sad mood, you must cherish it. Yes, the world really needs to cherish it. It can’t be so cold and pretend to have no temperature. Always be soft, always be strong, always have your own comfort, even if it’s a scratch on the wall!     In this way, life is frozen into a kind of memory, swaying between the bitterness and joy of being annoyed, and becoming the bitterness of one’s own mouth.. I can’t read the past, I can’t read back the past, the days are like running water, I go to a place named once, my thoughts are fading away, the figure that is gradually moving away is like a lonely sigh, just like that, it is melting away in a misty emptiness, and I can’t find any happy melody any more..     I don’t understand the fragility of life. I don’t understand why the fire of life is so easy to extinguish. It’s better to bury myself in my own way than to fall and cry on the side of the road.. With its fear of life, it is better to march forward with your head on high.. I met a scene in every road section, met some people, and took my wave of farewell as a sad parting again and again.. The flower season of life is not bright yet, and the pace of life has ended. I am helpless in my own helplessness and sorrow for others. I always can’t understand why my sharp heart can’t grow a hard armor and can’t wrap my inner weakness with a kind of indifference..    Who knows how much? Who is the most transparent? Walking on the road in life, you can really guarantee that you are not sad? Not lonely? You really don’t fear losing or looking back? It’s only at this moment that I know what I cherish by watching others leave..And in the fleeting of time, again forget the value of treasure!    Forgetting has become our most powerful weapon!