Four mothers


[ Editor’s Note ]: The plain and rustic life of four fathers and four mothers is enviable. Happiness didn’t need a mountain of wealth and hot power . Ah, the author uses small bridges and flowing water to ease the leisurely tone of writing, bringing us to experience the happiness of a poor family..   She’s the wife of four dads who love her, and I call her four moms.     The fourth mother looks good, has a tall round face and big eyes, but has a leg that is inconvenient to move and cannot be separated from a crutch.. The fourth mother’s name is Lin, a very precious and refined name. People say: if it weren’t for Xiao Lin’s leg, how could she have married you?     Indeed. Four dads are poor. Because of poverty, the daughter-in-law who went to the door when she was young also ran away. Four dads are tall, with heavy eyebrows and sharp eyes, and the eagle has a big nose in Haikou, which is very terrible.. In the words of his lover, his old man’s house is back ten years old, and he is also a handsome young man.. Sometimes, people’s gossip spread to his ears, and he was also very wronged: if I had money, why would I have wanted that lame woman? Give me wash feet water suspicion she doesn’t seem neat! I’m sorry, not that if.     Of course, these words can never be heard by the fourth mother, or else another good fight will take place. Four dads also had a mouth addiction in front of others. In fact, he really loved our four mothers very much.. Love is like a baby, it’s fashionable. To describe his kindness to his mother in the vernacular of his hometown, that is, he was afraid that his tongue might hurt her when it was in his mouth.. In his blizzard – tottering hut, four mothers are the only queen and four fathers are the only servants.     The fourth mother looks young, unlike people in their late forties, she thinks so proudly herself.. However, she prefers to have a sharp contrast with her four dads. Her hair is black, her skin is bright and clean, and her dress is clean. Four dad’s unkempt face, wrinkled stack, and a lot of whiskers are really pale and bright, and his temples are full of power and worthless..     The fourth mother loves to catch up with the trend. She always gives up all her possessions and dresses herself and her three children brightly, but the fourth father is poor in family circumstances and takes care of the housework. The relatives help him more or less. Plus his carpentry skills, life is moist..     The fourth mother was innocent and carefree. When she was a girl, she was the darling of the family. When she came here, all the big and small people had to look at her face.. In winter night, four dads will help her cover her feet. On winter mornings, four dads will take the lead in cooking food for four mothers and will not get out of bed until the four mothers have enjoyed it.. This is a secret known to all women and children, and is also the capital that four mothers show off in front of people.. Four dads are warm enough to make friends with each other. Wine boards are common. When you go out for a visit, you must take four mums with you.. Four dads pushed the’ flying pigeon’ old car, which was too old to be old, carefully helped four mothers to sit on the back shelf and then settled their younger daughter in the front beam. Two older children ran in front of one side and the family went to dinner happily..     The fourth mother is a big baby in the family, leading a group of babies around the fourth father in pettish fashion. Four dad’s most important thing in addition to earning a living is to make four mom happy. He would go to the bazaar to buy some snacks every now and then to coax the good children at home.. The fourth mother was not able to walk, and he enjoyed all other errands except chatting with her family and returning home.. In their spare time, the couple will bring their youngest daughter to our house to play. Four moms cuddle up to Four Dads, take time to slap him, kick him twice, or knock Four Dads on the back with crutches, and sometimes fly a few glad eyes at the past cry ” Old Pig Head”, and Four Dads will answer smilingly. Couples two echo each other are happy and happy..     Of course, there are times when it turns sunny and cloudy. Four mothers sometimes come home alone to cry, and when they look at the situation, they will know that things are not going well.. After the fourth mother complained bitterly about her father’s inaction, she always announced proudly, ” sister – in – law, if you don’t take care of the old pig head, I’ll go back to my family and don’t live with him any more.”. ‘ Four dads died when they were in their teens. They grew up with their parents – in – law, and some of them were like mothers.. Her mother-in-law always scolds her after hearing the charges of her father, and then assures her that she will vent her anger on her.. According to her mother – in – law, there are some reasons why she comforted her mother so much.. A few years ago, four dads also showed their heroic spirit by using their ears to scratch their sons and teach four mothers. As a result, they stabbed the hornet’s nest.. Four – mom’s parents rushed in and scolded him all the way, smashed the bowl with the pot and showered four dad with dog blood.. Since then, the four dads have never recovered and become Fang Xuanling. Later, more and more indulged her and became habitual submissive.. Four dads have told their loved ones that having a wife is a good thing, obeying more and being less angry is the way to go home..     The fourth mother is sitting opposite me now, cracking melon seeds in her mouth, occasionally humming a little song, holding a little girl in her arms, with a half-eaten sole on her leg. She uses a crutch to turn my bicycle wheel to amuse her baby, and knocks twice on the frame from time to time to show rhythm.. She’s so happy, living in her twilight, which tube outside the spring, summer, autumn and winter? She is a peasant woman, she is the queen, she loves crying and laughing and dressing up, she is greedy and pettish, she enjoys the life many women dream of.. Of course, without her father’s love, she has ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, and who said more? I looked at her and smiled uncontrollably.. The fourth mother glared at me with oblique eyes and scolded, ” You pig head.”!Fool – like! ‘ That’s great. I’m a pig head, too. The room burst into laughter and the birds on the branches spread their wings and flew high..[ Responsibility Editor: Yuet Hua[ Original ]