Father sea is a deep and vigorous baritone collection


Father sea is a deep and vigorous baritone collection! This splendid starry sky has rock music and break dancing! The sea changes my father’s bleak smile and my heart sounds flowing between the world and the sea! Please follow me to live in a poem, free and free!     Father Hai cheated me because I cheated my father. He punished my cheating with cheating. I deserve it! Life mistreated me because I mistreated life! Disability and divorce hit me because fate was playing tricks on me! It treated me ill-treatment with ill – treatment, and I took it for granted to accept the challenge and hone of disaster.!     Father Hai became a modernist school with his life consciousness and mission consciousness! Father sea is the unity of birth attitude and accession attitude, the unity of Apollo spirit and Dionysian spirit, the unity of psychological world and physical world, the unity of getting rid of function and social orientation, the unity of detachment factor and game factor and participation factor and seriousness factor! Father Hai’s multi-angle life experience brews avant-garde poetry! Father sea is the reality of documentary literature and the reappearance of military camp life! Father Hai has played multi-level stereo sound for hundreds of millions of years, including cultural details and humanistic spirit.     There is my sea area, there is heaven and earth and the world in my sea area! From the heart’s heartbeat and the tumult of the bottom of the sea, I look for the strength of sharpening and the aesthetics of shaping!     Embrace the sea, we sow the body, sow love, we discover ourselves and surpass ourselves! Our unique lyric, our strength is perfect, and our peaks are different!     In the face of reform and opening up, Father Hai is no longer silent. In the face of the scientific concept of development, father sea has become more extensive. In the face of living conditions and the rapid development of the world today, it is time for Father Hai to examine life and reflect on the future with his deep sense of anxiety.!     Father, you have been following the sun and moon for thousands of years and thousands of years, with the freshness and simplicity of the air, loving the scenery and temptations on the other side of the sea.! You didn’t leave any handwriting. If you fall down, you will become a mermaid, a whale’s backbone, a place for swimmers to regenerate, seaweed and salt, and the second life of explorers.!     How many years ago, I always felt you were strange and mysterious! For thousands of years, I have been deciphering your philosophy! The dawn of dawn told me that you were alive and dead, though solemn and stirring, though ordinary, though happy and indifferent.! However, your masculinity and charm have taught me to write poetry with the qualities of a poet.! You are also a poet. Your sunrise at sea is the experience of life!     Father sea, father sea! You are a great poet! The beauty of your work has been learned by me. Please look at my untitled lyric poem about Father Sea.! The poem is untitled, but your voice, appearance, natural and unrestrained posture and romantic movements have become father’s grand prix!     The men who visited their wives in the father’s sea were very forgetful and brought the trio of city aria to their father.! The women who visited their husbands in the father’s sea were ecstatic and brought the main melody of country waltz to their father! Poets who come here are inspired by the sea and spread by the sea. Reporters who have come here have gone after the light in all directions and taken pictures everywhere. Scholars who have come here have developed their thoughts to a higher level with the breathing of the sea. Celebrities who have come here are well-known and have expanded in depth with the transparency of the sea. Philosophers who came here were conquered by the life experience and mission consciousness of the sea! Moved! Lovers who came here changed from yellow to green with the vastness and boldness of the sea. Visitors here forgot to go ashore and return to their homes … Ah, we scouted back the waves, let the wheat waves capsize, and let the grain and salt flood.! We quell the storm, let the city spin, let stereo and pop music resound through the world! We sow the body as well as the soul! We harvest inspiration and experience!     Father’s Sea is the artistic experience of every explorer, and Father’s Sea is the life experience zone of every sower.! We climbed the mountain to enjoy the series of sea novels!     The horizontal view is the sea, the vertical view is the sea, and the sea is still heaving and heaving meaningfully, with a beautiful angle, novel and unique, romantic posture, natural and unrestrained and unique capability.!     Father sea has been in turmoil since then, stirring up the autumn scenery and scenery nurtured for tens of thousands of years! Sika deer rolled on the sea, triangular sails played on the sea, stragglers kissed and hugged on the sea, and explorers drank heavily on the sea! Through multi-level experience, through the air and sunshine, through the four monsoons and the seven-color birds, tell the motherland – father sea welcomes all sowers and cultivators to enter a new port!