Embrace your mother


The more you walk, the more you age, the less you walk, the less you time, the shorter you walk, the shorter you live, and the deeper you walk, the kindred . Ah, time flies by, and I cherish the kindred even more in the year of no doubt.. I can’t remember when I will not forget to give my mother a hug every time I visit her, nor will I forget to hug her when I leave, and print a kiss on her cheek or forehead, and ask her for a kiss like a naughty child, and tell her to live healthy and happy, and I will eat her delicious food.. For several years, I will do this whenever I see my mother, which has become my habit.     One day, my mother came home to give me my favorite oil cake. I couldn’t hug my mother for a long time because of the rush to go on temporary business.. As my mother is already over 60 years old, I am really worried that God will choose a day to take my mother away mercilessly, so I cherish my time with her.. I chatted with my mother and talked about my common thought that if I could die before my mother, I would not grieve for her.. Mother lightly chastised: ” You are too selfish to think about how cruel it is for white-haired people to send black-haired people”. Yes, mother, I did not know that the death of life is an eternal rule, and no one can change it. But I am more attached to my mother than ordinary people who lived alone with her as a child..     When my mother was 16 years old, she was introduced by relatives to marry her father in Xinjiang, because her father did not know how to cherish the marriage and was at odds with her mother. When I was 5 years old, my father asked her to leave home. My mother begged her father to let her divorce not leave home and take good care of her children, but her father flatly refused. Her mother was helpless ( her relatives are in the mainland ). She was unable to raise all her children, and she could only take me away from home against her will. Since then, I have lived alone with my mother.. My mother often said to me: I followed her to suffer hardships, and she felt guilty when she remembered it. However, I thanked my mother from my heart. In those days, my mother was unwilling to remarry because I was young, and a strong mother struggled to support me. In order to live and not let me lead a worse life than other children, she desperately wanted to earn more money. She worked as a babysitter, worked odd jobs everywhere, and went to the construction site to do heavy work of pushing bricks and picking mud. She didn’t care how tired and bitter she was when she was old.. It wasn’t until I was in middle school that my mother was able to form a new family and live a more stable life..     Although my mother failed to bring me material superiority, she gave me valuable spiritual wealth and made me what I am today.. Although I am ordinary, I know that people should be kind and philanthropic, be patient and tolerant, take the overall situation as a priority, and be grateful.. Mother, if I feel guilty, it should be me, because I failed to fulfill my mother’s wish of ” looking for a woman to become a phoenix”, and I did not know how to cherish and love my mother and how to express my love for her. With the increase of age, I can understand my mother’s sufferings and the many diseases she has brought up today.. Two days ago, my mother was admitted to the hospital because of illness. I talked to her about this: If she hadn’t suffered those hardships when she was young, she wouldn’t be in such a state of health now.. Mother told me that she was not in good health when she was a child, but her parents regarded her as ” the apple of their eye” and loved her more than other children.. But they don’t know the pain and hardship their daughter has experienced since she left her family ( mother gives good news but not worries ). I think if my grandparents knew, I don’t know how much they would love her.. Looking at my mother’s face through the vicissitudes of life, listening to her calmly telling me a lot about her life’s ups and downs I don’t know, thinking that she is suffering from illness, my heart is like knocking over a five-flavor bottle. My kind and unfortunate mother, in order to raise her daughter as an adult, already weak, has paid too much. Mother and daughter don’t want you to feel guilty about your daughter. It’s your greatest kindness to bring your daughter to this world. Your daughter wants you to accept the gratitude and filial piety your daughter deserves.. In the future, the daughter will love and filial piety you more, and she doesn’t want to have the regret of’ the child wants to be raised and the parent doesn’t want to stay’. As long as you are happy, the daughter will do everything she can, because your happiness and well-being is her greatest wish..     Dear mother, you and I are growing in age, the time you and I spend together is decreasing, and you and my mother are even more reluctant to give up. Therefore, the mother should be strong and happy to live for your children, while the daughter should also work hard and happy to live for you..