Can you still sing that book reader


On Monday, the teacher called to say that you were skipping classes. On Tuesday, the teacher sent a text message saying that you were causing trouble in class and affecting other students. On Wednesday, the teacher said you didn’t hand in your homework. On Thursday . Ah, a barrage of phone calls and text messages made me anxious. My heart is like being tightly gripped by an invisible and powerful hand, which makes me dull and breathless.   How is this possible? I can’t imagine or believe it. My wife said to me, ” You’d better go to school. How could your son become like this?”? Looking at his wife’s weak body trembling with anxiety, I decided to go to school.   I always don’t believe in my son’s change. When I was a child, the tiger cub always flashed his big black grape eyes like the wind into my arms. That sweet and warm feeling still fresh in my memory..   That hot summer, he snuggled up to me and hung happy sweat on his small red face. He gasped for breath and was tightly stuck to his chest with his little vest full of sweat. He fell down with the rapid and slow breathing.. He is lively and lovely, simple and honest, and is a small living treasure in the family. He is diligent and studious and has always been a pride in our hearts. The lively mischievous, the mischievous that we love most, and the mischievous singing the regulations of the small book reader once made us proud and proud when they crashed into our arms willy – nilly.. Because he is our future, our hope!   In the second half of the year, there were many things on the construction site. Every day I got out early and came back late, tired and tired, and couldn’t spare time to see him.. This time, I won’t work overtime to earn more money, and when there is nothing to do, life will be tense. New Year’s Day is coming soon. Earn more money at this time and relax the holiday. You can buy some good medicine for your wife and some supplements for your son.. I am busy every day and temporarily forget the idea of seeing him. Until one day, I suddenly felt that money could not be earned, but my son could not afford to delay it. So I decided to take time out to see my son in residence.   The school is in the downtown area more than 100 miles away. I asked for a holiday in the office on Saturday and prepared many things my son likes to eat. My son doesn’t eat well in school. My wife took advantage of this opportunity to cook and cook the best braised pork, so I had to bring them to him.. Just as I was leaving, my nephew came to our house. I heard that I was going to visit his cousin in the city, but I had to make a noise and go together. I was helpless and looked at the anxiety of this elementary school student who is not a few years younger than my son. I had to call his mother and we set off..   The car sped along the road, and the little nephew sitting by the window looked round and round. He had a rare chance to go out. He felt here and there excitedly, and everything in sight made him feel so fresh.. The beautiful fields outside the window, the speeding cars and the trees running backward all excited him. Looking at him with a little red face, I was in a trance. I remember the first time I sent my son to school, just like he is now.   The green trees and green hills outside the window flash past, life is like a blink of an eye, and my thoughts fly far away.   For so many years on the construction site, whenever I sit there, my son’s figure always shakes in front of me. I have been used to watching him walk with his schoolbag and sing the rules for attending a small book reader into the house every day. The young voice is ringing and loud and has been lingering in my ears..   I asked him to meet at the school gate, waiting for his vacancy, and I looked at the school. The clean campus is shaded by trees. Students of the three or three couple walk or play, and their faces are full of youthful breath..   A well-known worker focused on pruning the branches that were inclined to grow fences. Behind him were rows of neatly trimmed and straight young trees. He showed great patience for the uneven branches and leaves that had not been trimmed at present, waving the shears carefully and cutting off the messy branches and leaves bit by bit.. I couldn’t help admiring him. I strolled over and chatted with him.   ‘ why are you so careful, cut directly not finished? ‘ The school worker said with a smile: ” How can that be done? The tree is still small. If you accidentally hurt the main branch, it will not run smoothly.”. ‘ is chatting, little nephew suddenly cheered, I turned, far away, the familiar figure came up to us.   Golden sunshine sprinkled on the earth and also on him. My little nephew threw off my hand, waving his hands, shouting joyfully and trotting towards the figure. After a few months of absence, his son lost a lot of weight. His white uniform was more thin, his hair was loose and his eyes were covered by a long stream of water, which hung on the tip of his nose.. I prepared to scold him in advance and all the words I wanted to vent poured into my throat. I squirmed my lips and tried to open my mouth, but I heard my son say softly, ” Dad, why are you here?”? Just make a phone call, take such a long car, and be tired and spend money. It’s not for you yet,’ I said with reproach,’ The teacher called and said that you often surf the Internet, even stayed up all night without classes, did not hand in homework, often dozed off in class, and didn’t study hard every day. That’s why your mother and I don’t worry about it? ‘ son heard me say so, his hands tightly holding, for a while, and spread out, nervously rubbing his hands, his head down, his eyes looking at the toe of the shoe, also don’t say a word. No surprise after meeting, no excitement after meeting, only blame and dissatisfaction. This is also undesirable for the son, isn’t it? At this time I saw the silence between us and the opposition between us. My nephew took his son’s hand, shook it and turned around him affectionately.. The son looked at him without saying a word, but just looked at him like this, with his quiet eyes turning with him, and the air was full of unhappiness and anxiety at this time.. I heaved a sigh of relief and was just about to say something when I suddenly saw the busy figure of the school worker and suddenly remembered the conversation I had just had with the school worker. Isn’t the son in front of me the young tree that hasn’t been trimmed yet?? Fortunately, I still didn’t say what I said later, and those reprimands will certainly hurt the bewildered young tree.. I leaned forward, stretched out my arm and hugged his thin shoulder, and said calmly, ” This is your favorite braise in soy sauce meat your mother brought you, for fear you won’t eat well at school, and I made it specially for you.”. ‘ son looked at me and took the bag of vegetables I handed him, still didn’t speak. But his face was much better, obviously with some smiles.I added in time: ” In fact, we believe in you and value you. You are just not used to school life for a while, are you?”! ‘ son seems to be relaxed a lot, certainly nodded his head.   Nephew took his son’s hand and lifted up his neck and said,’ Brother, your hand is cool. It’s not hot at all. Look at my hand? ‘ son smiled, ” not cold! He replied. Looking at his school uniform, revealing the underwear inside. ‘ you also wear more clothes, don’t catch a cold. Look at me and your younger brother, they’re wearing so thick. The cold, fever, injection and medication do not speak, but they also suffer. ‘ The son said, ” It’s okay, you see. ‘ said he, pointing to the students passing by, ” they all wear so little. ‘ I followed his hand to see the past, and each student shrank into a ball with his hands in his trouser pockets, giving people a feeling of shrinking hands.. I’m’ snow’ and’ smile,’ you still learn from them, and it’s strange not to catch a cold.. You don’t want to learn from them. ‘ I advised the son said.   I looked at my son’s face, some thin and some yellow. The long eyebrows are very good – looking, a bit like girls’ eyebrows, but a little shy, originally meant to say some words of punishment, such as severe warning and threatening tone, but temporarily changed to words of encouragement and concern.. From his uneasiness, his silence to his ease and joy, this is only a change that took place in a few minutes because of my sudden awakening and change..   There is a group of students playing basketball on campus. The vigorous figure is running back and forth, snatching, exciting and fierce.. It’s time for me to go. Such a moment should belong to them, to children as old as my son..   When I left, I said some exhortations and gave him another hundred yuan. This paper-based thing can sometimes convey a feeling that parents are painstaking to their children in addition to material needs.. The son didn’t take the money, he just said in a faint voice, ” You’d better buy more nourishment for my mother, she’s so weak.”! ‘ I got a lump in my throat and there was a rush of heat in front of me. My son is not as bad as I thought before I came here! He knew that he loved people. I can’t imagine what would happen if I always talked to him in a teachable tone.. But at the moment, my son at least understood the truth. I was relieved and saw it, and my heart suddenly relaxed a lot.. Son, this is our hope and hope. I hope he can understand, get rid of his problems and study hard during this trip..   It’s time to go. I stuffed the money into his pocket and patted him on the shoulder, saying, ” Just like when you were a child, your body is great and your mother and I are the happiest.”. ‘ son didn’t speak, red rim of the eye looked at me.   Nephew reluctantly let go of the hand he had been holding, turned around and held my hand tightly.   Holding the hand of the little young nephew, time seems to be going back, as if this little hand is the son’s hand, we walk together with our hands holding hands, singing together’ Xiao Er Xiao Er Lang, carrying the bag to school … ” Behind me, I vaguely heard my son also singing softly..   When I got home, my wife was a little upset. ” How about that? How’s the son? What did you say to him? A series of words swept over me. Looking at the emaciated woman who was suffering from the disease, I tried to speak calmly to her. Her face was sometimes happy and sometimes worried and uncertain. I looked at her anxious expression and anxious eyes, and I had to comfort her. Next time, I must take her to see her son..   Temporary busyness can forget everything. Since I went to school to see my son, life seems to have returned to calm. Without a teacher’s phone number and a teacher’s text message, I seem to feel my son happily returning home with his schoolbag on his back when he was a child.. The first reading lang bill has always been ringing in my ears.. We still boast about him, our faces are still full of smiles, and the room is full of laughter all the time.. Laughing can also be contagious. Our son’s understanding and diligence make us happy and comfortable..   I saw him again at the gate of the school. He still stood there like that, still with blue sky and white clouds, still shrouded in golden sunshine.. The flowing students, the green trees and the low fence around the fence still seem to be in the picture.. He is still wearing a thin school uniform, which is still a thin underwear. Seeing his mother in front of him, he has some shortness of breath. That’s the mother I haven’t seen for a long time. I can see his excitement.. As for the young and beautiful child in front of him, he does not want to deviate from the normal course of life at this stage of his life.. There are only a few steps in the important period of life. It is too much for him to destroy himself without seizing the present opportunity … Ah, he is still running behind his back, and the basketball match that you rob me of is still exciting and fierce.. Those small trees with scattered branches on their original branches have already been pruned, and their sharp branches bear green leaves full of trees. The dazzling green is the boundless vitality of youth..   I clearly heard him singing softly again: Xiaoer Xiaoer Lang is not afraid of the sun and the rain on his back in the school, but he is afraid to scold me for being lazy and not seeing my parents without learning.