A letter to his wife


A letter to his wife on August 25, 2015 ( the day before my birthday on the 12th of the seventh lunar month )! Please read this passage patiently! Last night I thought a lot, and this morning I was still thinking, and finally I thought of a word: comparing heart to heart. Love is selfish. This love includes love between you and me. Family is the core of love. We love each other so that we can have a harmonious family. We love our children in the hope that our future can be entrusted with something. We love each other’s parents, brothers and sisters because our love is to love our house and our country. But if you can’t compare heart to heart, this family has no core, it will be a terrible thing, and people often say that you don’t want to do what you don’t want to do to others..   Come back to our house for specific things! We come from different families, and the two of us who were originally strangers have formed a new family, so first of all, you and I must both be our family, and in this family you and I are the core, so the two of us must form a common understanding: our family! This is the role that you and I must change, not only formally we should leave our parents and have an independent living space, but also mentally we should change roles, especially you or women. If you can’t change, you will be moved to be very lost and lonely.. On the one hand, I didn’t, or didn’t want to, integrate into the new family, on the other hand, the family that gave birth to me no longer considers myself as a member of the family, because you married somebody else, and this family is you and my family.. Of course, as I must, I must incorporate you into my family life. You once told me that my parents and I were saying that things seemed to be behind your back, but there was no change in my role. It was an unconscious thing and did not mean to avoid you.. Clear understanding of the family. We are talking about people and things related to the family. In the current days when the popularity is extremely weak, only your parents, brothers and sisters, and family members of brothers and sisters on both sides of the family will all add up to no more than twenty people.. We must cherish everyone around us. When our space for activities is extremely narrow, our hearts will be more lonely and our psychology will undergo strong changes.. Compare heart to heart!   I love my parents, sisters and their families more, and you love your parents, brothers and their families more. This is understandable. Blood ties are destined to do this, but it cannot only be good to your parents, brothers and sisters and their families, but prevent good to the other parents, brothers and sisters and their families.. This is wrong. This is called lack of ethics. Do you think about it yourself, how much do we have to pay your nephew for food every year? But did they include what your parents specifically said about Kay? Just this summer, we bought four sets of clothes for our two children. Did they buy Kay a bag of bread alone? You don’t say kai – kai hasn’t eaten anything from them, but it’s called eating, and children eat a lot of other people’s things. it’s human nature, not family affection.. I didn’t blame you for anything because you loved them. But what do you do to my sister! People often say that there is no reason to beat the doorman. Elder sister stayed in our house for a few days. Do you know what you have done?? Compare heart to heart!   Tell me about your parents’ departure this time. You said nothing wrong. We can’t take their things because we are not a family. You did the right thing. I agree with you and I did the same thing. I returned all the toys Kay brought to play with.. But some things need to be flexible. As far as this mattress is concerned, your brother said last night that he couldn’t put it there. One meter five can be put on our bed. At that time, there were so many people standing under the floor. Can I say no! I am not a lover of things in Zhang Jianfeng, not to mention a cushion! The reason why I left that cushion last night was to show my colleagues that we are harmonious family members. If I repeatedly refused to be unkind, others would see jokes, you know! Have you thought about this yet?! Compare heart to heart!   I always thought you were a good girl and a good wife, because as a woman you are simple and quiet and you have paid a lot for this family.. You are loathe to give up anything for yourself! Sometimes I feel bad when I see it! But you’re really too lazy! I can do as much as I can in this home, but your laziness has affected Kay’s growth. If he pulls the quilt cover as soon as he goes to bed, this is a sign of lazy bed. Children can’t do this. Have a seat in bed. Bed is a place to sleep and rest. When you wake up, you can afford the mattress and quilt and clean up the mattress and rope.. Another thing is to throw things casually, throw everything into the ground at random, and throw toilet paper heads and other messy things all over the house. This is not a single throw, but a throw away of a person’s basic qualities. This is a lack of tutoring, which will directly affect Kay’s behavior of dealing with people. I believe this is not the result you would like to see, let others see, and will laugh at us.! Because we don’t want to meet an uneducated child outside, then we will say whose child this is is so uneducated. Compare heart to heart!   Some time ago, mom had a back pain and I massaged her several times, but you know I didn’t have a back pain and cupping. every time kai saw the cupping marks on my back, he would stand on my back and massage me in the way I massaged mom. this is the basic behavior of the child’s initiation of filial piety and is very precious.. We treat our parents with care, the elderly with kindness and filial piety, and our children will treat us with care, kindness and filial piety.. Compare heart to heart! Do you remember the time when I slapped you, you called it’ hit you’, do you know why I hit you? Maybe you still don’t know or understand, I tell you, because you don’t have filial piety, mom is ill and lying on the hard bed in the clinic, and you scold me for coming back late when you come back.. I remember you mentioned to me, why don’t I call your parents’ parents’ parents? Yes, I don’t don’t call it that much, I don’t call it as often as I used to, because I rarely heard you call my mother forcefully, usually in a daze.! And then even less! Compare heart to heart!! You will say your parents don’t lack my address to them. Did you ask them, will they tell you the truth??Both your parents and my parents will say, ” It doesn’t matter if you call or not.”. People often say that it doesn’t matter whether they listen to the sound or not because they say it doesn’t matter, does it really matter?! In fact, there are so – called, they just can’t help it! Therefore, we must compare our hearts and maintain our harmonious family. We must be responsible to our own family, because no one will really worry about whether it is good or bad, whether it is good or bad, whether it is good or bad, whether it is good or bad, or whether it is good or bad.. I have a lot of problems that need you to say and ask in time, not to care about me. Your giving up to me is giving up to this family.. The reason why I said you have many shortcomings is that I hope to run this family better through our efforts..   I chose to write to you because I wanted to calmly say what I should say to the person in charge of the family, and because I hope you can read this passage calmly and have a cool thinking about our family.. Because I know very well that if I say this to you in person, I may not be able to control my mood, and you will definitely say that trouble is dead. Going away will be more detrimental to our communication and our home.!!   Swallow, my dear wife and child are his mother, please read this passage from my heart patiently.. Thank you!!