Why do you want to drink water after foot massage


Why the foot massage to drink water, drink plenty of water on the body What are the benefits, the following small series details for you。 After the first drink to promote foot massage is mainly to remove the body of waste and toxins, followed by the daily said that in order to maintain the required water, drink plenty of water can also be side-by-side to advance to excrete waste products, thereby mitigating pain。
If you do not drink, do not timely urination, violates the principle of care because when we massage the soles of the deposits are broken by, it will reach the kidney with blood circulation, and then to the bladder, if not drink, do not timely urinates, according to which the pieces of deposit will remain in the bladder or kidney, a long time will cause back pain, cystitis, or。
Water is an important component of human material, 70% by weight of a water body, every cell in the body needs to have water to function properly, a water sub-human, dried meat wrinkled skin, the blood component containing a large amount of water will bad, life will be threatened。
To maintain proper body of water, drink at least 6 per adult per day?8 large glasses of water, especially a lot of sweat, athletes engaged in strenuous exercise or physical labor, but also to add some more。
Why should drink plenty of water after a foot massage in fact, the source of the moisture absorbed by the body, in addition to drink plenty of water, juice, milk, coffee, tea and vegetables, fruits, all contain large amounts of water, some people deliberately do not drink, but he the water is obtained from these foods beverages。 After the foot massage, the metabolism of all organs of the organization to strengthen and increase the blood concentration, even if very weak stomach, do not like to drink water massage is who will be intolerable thirst, which is highly desirable reaction。
Produced when the body naturally required to add water to the kidneys help rid the body fat, protein and other toxins catabolism。
But before and after the massage should not drink cold water, so cold stagnate in the body, affecting blood circulation, depending on the time of drinking as often as needed, without deliberately holding up full belly bloating, and even nausea and vomiting but not good。 In the past to encourage more water, so the emphasis on drinking 500 ml of water before the massage, massage and then drink 500 ml of warm water, in order to cultivate the habit of drinking it, in fact, feel free to add the right amount of moisture, beneficial to health。
Kidney, spleen, lung function and normal people are receiving massage therapy, water does not cause swelling of the eyelids or body (not fat)。
Maintain an appropriate body of water, in addition to helping the metabolism, but also can beautify the skin, do not be afraid of urine on the toilet trouble, they do not dare to drink water, and therefore hurt the body。 In the usual good habit to develop the best drink, drink several times a day, each time without drinking too much。 Patients weak internal organs function is not normal, the metabolic capacity of water is poor, but also to pay attention。

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