Between mid-autumn, the cold wind off the dusty memories


Autumn cold, cold provoke heartbroken, leaves rustling, leaving the love of dendrites, wind drift, wandering away from home.    Last month Liu Shao head, looking down and think of home, melodious music, sound, such as complaints, it seems easy to cold after another from the War, fireworks, song to make people anxious.    Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, a lot of sub-unit moon cake and fruit, to be in previous years, will happily put these things installed in the car’s trunk, ready to take home, and Mom and Dad share the festive atmosphere together with the joy of over reunion festival – Mid-Autumn festival.    But this year is different, my father and mother at this time last year, has left us and went to another country, perhaps, there really is paradise, maybe they’re that bright flowery homeland, to celebrate this festive season.Hopefully this is the.But, even so, is far apart, not away from each other, the daughter of your deep thoughts and nostalgia did not diminished.    Since, there is no father and mother, and I no longer look forward to the New Year holidays, those who have the joy of the holiday, such as those warm honey scenario has gone away from me, leaving only deep grief and deep thoughts.Family hard to break away, love go hand in hand.    These have been watching all kinds of moon cake love to eat, I think some very distant past, I remember when I was young, like to eat snacks is the moon cake, whenever the festive season approaching, I always beg for mother to change go to the store to buy moon cake to eat moon cake was only two cents a mother would smiled at me and nodded, then took her own sewing blue Di Kabu purse from her trouser pocket, took from the inside I handed out two cents, I’ll go to the store to buy moon cake Le Diandian go.    At that time the moon cake fragrant and sweet, every piece of moon cake, I have a small population of a small mouth to eat slowly, eating side also suck taste, eat moon cake has become my favorite food, favorite this continued for many years Maybe a moon cake sustenance miss a reunion mood.Today, a wide variety of moon cake, changing tastes, but then the bells and whistles, and then not eat delicious sweet year, and it tastes, like with Juela.    Today, when the Mid-Autumn Festival to cold air and set off my dusty memory, rain falls out of the window, blowing cold, can not help but people may feel wistful.I do not know where the festival will be visited, in fact, it does not matter where, how ever, also had no joy in those days, warm year.    I remember at home at home over the last Mid-Autumn Festival.The evening of that day, the window of fireworks bright, gorgeous bright, the house, my sister made a large table of food, such as his brother home for the holidays, a phone call in the past, his brother said in fishing, it does not get home for dinner.At that time, it was my mother left us more than two months, bedridden father, whose illness.Maybe my brother think Mom is gone, my father could eat something bad mood, to escape the Dayton should have to swallow a very happy reunion meal of it.    In fact, my heart is very depressed, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival before, my sister no matter how far away from home, will come back, and his family to spend Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival this day especially dinner, we will gather together, happy carefully eat a family dinner, but today may be completely different, it is suppressed sadness of this moment, I could not help but burst into tears, weeping secretly went to the back room, my sister put down the chopsticks, mumbled a few words, too I left the table.That table should enjoy the joy of reunion dinner on the way up there in the cold, cold heart in my room, cool in the once warm memories.    From then on, I began to escape the holidays, away from the festival, the pain of those dusty memories.    Tonight, the lights dim, lighted, people are busy decorated, joyfully greeted the reunion of the festival, I sit by the window, overlooking the stars of the universe, thought, such as tide, moonlight is worried about rain, the stars are earnest thoughts.Star Plaza cold months dilute the Galaxy, Wan Lai silent since Xiao Song; where thousands of miles off the mountain home, the night comes doorpost touch off a bit more.    The night wind endured, Manjuan the deep pathos of the music, affects the plume sadness of missing loved ones.Wide-day high clouds, galaxy far, far away in heaven, parents can Ankang?Festival approaching, I feel lonely, for the first full moon, sent my earnest expectation, I wish you happiness, well-being forever!