June 19 evening market impact of major policy audio Courier (attached to old things simulcast highlights)


PBOC Governor Yi Gang said in an interview on the stock market, financial market volatility affected by many factors, stock market volatility today, mainly influenced by emotional factors, surrounding the stock market also have a certain degree of decline。Since it is a market, there will be up and down, investors should remain calm, rational view。Yi Gang said the People's Bank has always attached great importance to external shocks, we will proactively make policy reserves, comprehensive use of various monetary policy tools to maintain reasonable and stable liquidity, a good grasp of the intensity and pace of structural deleveraging, promote stable and healthy economic development, hold the bottom line systemic financial risk does not occur。    This afternoon there is news that the Commission held a provisional meeting halt IPO, CBN reporter learned from the Commission that the message is false message。Commission official said, "the Commission held a provisional meeting halt IPO" false news, (the act) seriously disturbed the normal market order spread, fabricate false news, should be dealt with severely。    June 19, millet Group postponed CDR application for the issuance of the news is on sale in the strategic placement of funds onto the cusp, whether six strategic placement of funds will therefore declare the issue failed?Has been subscribed by investors will go from here?Surging News reporter learned from the sources, the strategic placement of funds closed three years of operation, short-term changes in the rhythm of a single listed company does not have a huge impact on the product, not only investment fund CDR, but also to invest in new innovative companies IPO economy, as long as the strategy Placing can participate in the future there will be the subject of a lot to choose from。According to the sale announcement 6 ,,,,, this company strategic placement of funds, fund investment targets mainly strategic allotment and fixed income Two Investment Strategies, without participating in the secondary market。"At present, relevant work in progress, we believe that with the end of the 19 raised, the fastest this week, there will be a fund established strategic placement fund。"According to fund industry sources, in accordance with past management, at the end of recruitment, the need for verification, and the Commission for the record, after the completion of the work, will be announced the establishment, but above work usually takes 1-2 weeks for concern the draft amendment to the personal income tax law today deliberation of the Thirteenth National People's Congress the third meeting, this is a tax law since the mid-1980 introduction of the seventh overhaul, it will usher in a fundamental change。Tax threshold from 3500 yuan per month to 5,000 yuan (6 million per year) per month; wages and salaries, remuneration, royalties and franchise fees on four integrated labor of the resulting tax was first introduced; the first increase in children Education spending, continuing education spending, catastrophic medical expenses, interest on housing loans and housing rents and other special additional deduction……A series of major initiatives to amend the law of solidarity with everyone。Today is brought to the NPC for approval of a tax "reading", as usual, subject to the revised draft amendments to the law after the official release through the implementation of the third reading, will be open to the public for comments in between a first and second readings, in general, the time to seek the views a month, if goes well, there may be introduced this year a tax law。    According to First Financial reported that the recent central bank liquidity operations more frequently, closer policy, told reporters that the June twice MLF operation, intended to stabilize cross-quarter financial side, in addition to make up the banking system and long-term liquidity gap and prevent maturity mismatch risk。He noted that the current monetary policy unchanged neutral sound, turn on the water twice MLF is not operating, but did not enter QE。    Along with the deepening of deleveraging and risk prevention policy, the situation of China's bond issuance failure or delay of a significant increase。According to statistics, this year, less than six months, more than 356 bonds issued to cancel or postpone plans to issue a total size of 2270.3.6 billion yuan。Among them, the cancellation or postponement of debt issuance since April the number and value respectively 185 and 1166.3.6 billion yuan。Specifically, the number increased significantly since April。According to statistics, this year, less than six months, more than 363 bonds issued to cancel or postpone plans to issue a total size of 2270.3.6 billion yuan。Among them, the cancellation or postponement of debt issuance since April the number and value respectively 185/1166.3.6 billion yuan。    National Development and Reform Commission official website news, recently, banks, funds, trusts and other financial institutions to invest in Beijing organized by the Division related, held a forum current market situation of the real estate industry research。Meeting from investment and financing conditions and relevant experience at home and abroad such as perspective, the real estate industry to carry out the analysis。    According to People's Bank of China to deploy the work on deepening the inter-bank bond market opening, June 14, 2018, People's Bank of China headquarters in Shanghai in 2018 issued Notice No. 2, simplifying foreign investors to enter China's interbank bond market investment record information gathering and filing requirements。Announcement is an important measure to implement the further opening of financial markets, optimize the business environment is conducive to further facilitate foreign investors to enter China's interbank bond market investment。    Foreign Exchange Bureau spokesman said that the current situation of cross-border movement basically stable。In May, the banking exchange surplus of 19.4 billion US dollars, mainly to businesses and individuals in exchange rate expectations stable environment, self-regulation is the result of domestic and foreign currency assets; domestic enterprises and other non-banking sector foreign balance of payments deficit of US $ 7.4 billion, compared with April reduced by 26%, of which foreign exchange receipts and payments surplus of US $ 2.6 billion。May balances fell by $ 14.2 billion, mainly due to the combined effect of non-dollar currencies fell against the dollar as well as rising asset prices in general, the domestic foreign exchange market continued smooth running posture。    Thirteenth National People's Congress held its third meeting to continue consideration of the draft law of e-commerce Li gauntlet initial review draft amendments to the Income Tax Act and other personal auspices of the Beijing People's Assembly 19 am-third session of the National People's Congress in Beijing on the Third Hall held。Li Peng presided over the meeting gauntlet。  The meeting heard a report on the revision of the draft law of e-commerce, deputy director of the NPC Law Committee member Congbin constitution made。The draft three reviewers to further clarify the scope of e-commerce operators, directional push, to regulate tying products, deposit refund form contracts, expressly prohibits the abuse of a dominant market position electronic business and e-commerce platform operators within the platform limitations operators carry out business activities in the behavior on other platforms, to further clarify and refine the e-commerce platform operators responsibility to consumers。  The meeting heard a draft revision of the Organic Law on the People's Court deputy director of the NPC Law Committee member constitutional Shen Chun Yao made, the revision of the draft amendments to the Organic Law of the People's Procuratorate report。Two revised draft after the initial review solicit public opinion, according to the Constitution of the Legal Committee, the Standing Committee members of the deliberations and the opinions of the revised draft article by article consideration, made further revisions。  In order to implement the party nineteenth Japan in ninth Second, the Third Plenary Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress and the spirit of the Constitution and the clear responsibility of the NPC Law Committee, chairman of the meeting proposed constitutional and legal duties of the Committee's deliberation on the draft decision of the motion problem。Commissioned by the chairman of the meeting, Shen Chun Yao has been described。  In order to implement the statutory tax principles, to promote the reform of personal income tax, personal income tax system and gradually establish a comprehensive and classified, the State Council put forward a proposal on the deliberation of the draft amendments to the Personal Income Tax Law。Commissioned by the State Council, the Ministry of Finance Liu Kun been described。Draft amendments to improve the provisions relating to the taxpayer, the implementation of a comprehensive tax on labor income part of, optimal adjustment of the rate structure, comprehensive income intends basic standard deduction for expenses increased to 5000 yuan per month, set up a special additional deduction, and increased anti-avoidance provision。  All major reform should be in accordance to the requirements of the legal basis, the Central Military Commission put forward a proposal on the deliberation of the draft decision on China Sea police station to fulfill the terms of reference of the maritime rights enforcement。Commissioned by the Central Military Commission, commander of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force has been described Wang Ning。  By the State Council, Science and Technology Minister Wang Chih-kang made a report on the innovation-driven development adhere to further promote the work of major projects of national science and technology。  The meeting heard a report on the research process enforcement inspection report Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Law and the deliberations of the ecological situation of the Minister of the Environment Minister Li made by the State Council。  The meeting considered the visit Chairman Li gauntlet Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia case of a written report。  The meeting also heard a report on the eligibility of individual deputies of the National People's Congress chairman Wu Yuliang credentials committee made, considered the appointment and dismissal of case。  Economy has maintained a good financial and tax revenue to higher growth in January-May of this year and tax revenues have maintained a relatively high growth rate, to achieve double-digit growth, experts believe that this is China's economy continues steady for the good performance。  Ministry of Finance released data show that from January to May, the national general public budget revenue 8.665 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.2%。Where tax revenue 7.681 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.8%。  In the tax increase, the value-added tax increment more prominent。According to statistics, from January to May cumulative domestic VAT increased by 19 percent to 2.8392 trillion yuan。  Corporate income tax increase of more obvious, from January to May, a total of 1.9319 trillion yuan corporate income tax, an increase of 10.9%, mainly driven by growth in corporate profits, which increased the most obvious high-tech industry。  Experts believe that in the context of the country to implement tax cuts reduce costs, financial and tax revenues to maintain rapid growth, structural adjustment successful performance。From January to May, the high-tech industry was 150 billion yuan of tax relief, tax relief for small and micro enterprises reached 100 billion yuan。  Experts say the country's future tax charges down the intensity will continue to increase, which will further promote the optimization of the economic structure, promote economic growth, increase stamina revenue and tax revenue growth。  Central Bank: the current liquidity in the financial market reasonably stable Chinese People's Bank said that the current liquidity in the banking system reasonably stable, comprehensive social financing costs steady decline in financial support to the real economy more stable。  Data show that monetary and credit growth in the scale of social financing moderation。From the M2 and credit growth perspective, the end of 2018 5, M2 grew 8.3%, the growth rate increased from end 2017 0.2 percentage points, to stabilize the overall physical mobility。May, RMB loans increased by 1.15 trillion yuan, an increase of 40.5 billion yuan, small and micro, agriculture-related loans to accelerate the field。Stabilize financial markets, the bond market risk overall control。  Audit Commission released results of the audit of ecological environment protection Yangtze River economic belt today, the Audit Commission published the results of the audit of the Yangtze River economic belt ecological and environmental protection。2016 and 2017 Annual Yangtze River economic belt in environmental protection of ecological fiscal funds invested a total of 2518.2.4 billion yuan。Environmental protection and achieved certain results, while there are also some problems。  The use of funds from December 2013 to January 2018, eight departments in charge of local governments and their subordinate units related to the illegal use of ecological and environmental protection funds 2580.490,000 yuan。  Development of resources, at the end of 2017, 930 environmental assessment of small hydropower without the eight provinces that is under construction, over-exploitation resulting in 333 rivers dried up, drying up a total length of 1017 km。  Pollution control, by the end of 2017, nine provinces have 118 sensitive areas of urban sewage treatment plant did not reach an armor emission standards。  SCO domestic network alerts country imported goods exhibition ended in Qingdao on OECD countries imported goods exhibition ended in Qingdao on the 18th, the exhibition has attracted 57 companies from Russia, Kazakhstan and other 17 countries participated, with a total turnover of over 80 million yuan。During the SCO also held national cultural tourism promotion and other field activities 9。  2018 World Transport World Transport 2018 General Assembly opening in Beijing today the opening of the General Assembly, brought together thousands of the world's top experts in the field of transportation, expand high-level academic exchange。Among them, "all the way along the" international traffic seminar will explore along the interoperability countries in the field of transport infrastructure。  Ningbo announced 80 new measures serve Taiwan compatriots Ningbo today introduced 80 new measures for Taiwan compatriots to study in Ningbo, employment, entrepreneurship, life, provide equal treatment with local residents。  International News Network North and South Korea agreed on the Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies together with the North Korean delegation admission was held in Panmunjom, South Korea side of the "Peace House" on the 18th Sports Affairs talks, agreed in August this year, Jakarta Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies on, holding the banner of the peninsula to Arirang common admission as background music, and some projects of common team。The two sides also agreed on July 4 this fall and each hold a basketball friendly match in Pyongyang and Seoul, respectively,。  Guterres against illegal immigration "family separation" Guterres, UN Secretary-General on the 18th issued a statement through his spokesman, objected to the forced separation of children from their parents practice of illegal border crossings, that the treatment of refugees and illegal immigrants should be consistent with international law not because children separated from their parents and traumatized, family reunification should be protected。It is reported that in the past six weeks, the US-Mexican border has nearly 2,000 children are forced to US law enforcement officers and their illegal border crossings separated from their parents, which was criticized in many ways in the United States。  World Cup opener all three European teams to win the Russian Cup group match Beijing last night and early this morning three battles。?Group F game, the Swedish team with a penalty of 1: 0 victory over South Korea, which is a penalty by the referee assistant referee video technology complement sentence of。?Two games of the group, the first World Cup team against Europe's Panama Red Devils Belgium。Belgium unstoppable in the second half, with three goals, 3: 0 made a good start。England team returned with captain Kane scored in injury time of 2: 1 victory over Tunisia, have made their first victory on the World Cup。Beijing will enter the competition for the sixth match day tonight。20:00, South American powerhouse will play against Group H of Columbia Japan; 23:00, the Polish team Group H against Senegal; tomorrow 2:00, first group match on 5: 0 victory over Saudi Arabia to host Russian team, the second group match against rival Egyptian team。