I can not see your tears


Love, very familiar, familiar, but unpredictable。I never owned a lover, but my heart never forget her。    I was single, she is, has been, like today, Monday, Tuesday, tomorrow is as obvious。Her single day, we are together, heartless, that may not be happy, but she really likes to laugh, sweet smile, who will read infections, mood。    I'm obsessed with her smile, like Butterflies, flowers in late spring to make the time, still clinging hovered, a long time refused to leave。I was chasing her figure, like a spring breeze catkins flying, I do not know where she would fly, I just want to snuggle with her, when she tired to fly, give her a shoulder。I am full of joy waiting, wondering, is she not lost its way, or why she could not find her own love it?I obviously did not go, she has been waiting for!    I think I might be in love with her, and the kind of ill, hopeless。But I do not know, because I did not have the love, the feeling of heart, inexplicable, the taste, indescribable。They say the girls in love IQ is negative, the man one hundred eighty man, sometimes feeling inadequate IQ。Like to like it, but where's so many reasons。    High school football field, has been the love of the Holy Land, I do not know how many couples met here, and how much to break up here。Seventeen and eighteen of age, sinus open several open, on-again several times with people who。Many people here say“I love you, together with us!”, There are a lot of people say“Not to us, or break up!”。These words may be from the same person's mouth, it may all the same person's ear, how that love of the three killed will be long period of division, tends to divide together for a long time, the truth implied change the world。    Love chase tired, will stop and rest a while, but this look, a lot of people far away。I never give up the pursuit of love, but do not have to catch up with the love, neither far nor very close。Is like a marathon, at the beginning of the end when I know where, but I always on the road, although there is no stop in front is still a long way to the end in her heart, I do not know if I could reach。    Night phone call from my sister, who's tearful microphone over there, as if listening to the sound of injured small mammals, painlessly but could not help licking their wounds, not sad。I never believed that simply there is only friendship between men and women, I can indeed her as my sister, who shall stir I do not see him cut。I never manhood less, but generally do not show it, machismo, to sub-divide people do。    Sister fall in love, it seems to have attempted to see the situation like this。That big man how old she is said to be in a hurry to get married, and she did not mind so much kid actor to play the game of love。Two people did not speak a refusal, the other did not intend to give up, so stiff。Occasionally think of it, hit a phone call, my sister would not calm, and fart Britain Britain's Lehe for a long time, one day they do not want to pay attention you, the phone is not connected, text messaging is not back, disappeared disappeared。    I was quite appreciate this man, can not give happiness, do not go Xu Rencheng promise, commitment is very heavy, heavy to some people a lifetime can not be honored。Since it can not give, let go early, not too bad。But this playing hard to see how the drama how familiar, will be repeatedly villain, now I think about it, just to feel fainthearted, not wretched。    Love has always been a game I wish you love something, I like to cry in front of you in front of you laugh, to show the real side。Also in the fun, you happy I'm happy, Happy game。    Love, in many cases, is to miss life, when I was around you, eager for your smile, I walked away, I can not see your tears。