Goldman Sachs CEO: Goldman Sachs will increase investment in China


Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lao Erde – Lloyd Blankfein, said in Beijing on the 10th, Goldman Sachs is the internationalization of RMB beneficiaries, the future will continue to increase investment in China。  Blankfein said in an Tsinghua University attended the event, said, "Twenty-first century will be the century of China, Goldman Sachs have long-term commitment to China。"He believes that China's rapid economic growth and huge market, has a very ambitious investment prospects。  He said that Chinese leaders have reform as an important force in promoting the country's development, which is critical to rebalance China's economy, the global economy will also play a positive role。  Today, the internationalization of the RMB steadily, and increasingly open China's capital market。Blankfein said Goldman Sachs and other international institutions to benefit from the opening up of China's capital market, the future hope to get more investment opportunities。  For the A shares not included in the MSCI index, Blankfein said, this will not affect Goldman's investment in China, can affect only that portion of index-tracking funds, these funds may not be able to flow into China market。  Goldman talked about prospects in China, Blankfein said Goldman Sachs in the future while China business continues to expand, will become more localized, attract more local people to join the management team at Goldman Sachs。  Blankfein also said that "the future of Sino-US inter-related situation than at any time in the past are more significant。"He pointed out that the ongoing negotiations bilateral investment treaty (BIT) mutual benefit of the two countries, the US business community generally welcomed, and will actively persuade the US government hopes to push legislation to allow more people to benefit from。  Blankfein said Goldman hopes to reach BIT contributed from the private level, in China and the US held a series of meetings with politicians and business people to explore how to further support BIT。He said: "I believe that trade and investment can really bring benefits to the two peoples, to further enhance bilateral relations, but also further enhance political mutual trust。"Blankfein optimistic about the prospects for US economic recovery。He said the US economy since the financial crisis has been experiencing deleveraging process, although the recovery time than most people expected to be long, but is moving in a positive direction。He expects US economic growth this year will reach 3%。  Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank of China's leading construction, Blankfein said that China's economic strength is growing, role in the governance of the world economy continue to rise, responsibilities and obligations also increased。He believes that China's future role should be more important, should together become the joint leader in the global economic system with the United States。  In addition, the bank will also continue to promote the "10,000 Women" project to help the knowledge, contacts and financing for global women entrepreneurs。Blankfein said the project launched in 2008, now covers 43 countries and regions around the world, more than 10,000 women received training。"We (Goldman Sachs) is not superior big business, and we also hope to interact with the world, to help solve social problems。"