For the purposes of the US ZTE TUBE China for US sorghum preliminary anti-dumping


Sino-US trade started a new round of game cards。  US Department of Commerce on April 16 issued a statement saying, because the ZTE violation of the settlement agreement reached by the US government last year, will perform a seven-year export ban by the company, which means seven years US companies can not provide products to ZTE。  This drives further warming Sino-US trade friction, analysts said the US sanctions on the one hand, ZTE win more chips for a possible future negotiations towards a more favorable negotiating position, the other is to contain China's high-end industry development of。  The US move against the direction pointing to the soft underbelly of China's high-tech industry, but also reflects the Chinese industry pain points on an integrated circuit, high-end components。Current Chinese central processor (CPU), a memory, a field programmable gate array (the FPGA), a high speed digital to analog converter (AD / DA), etc., remain highly dependent on imports。  China quickly made a comeback。April 17, the Commerce Department released a report on imported sorghum originating in the United States anti-dumping investigations preliminary ruling, ruled that the US sorghum of dumping on the Chinese market, decided to take temporary anti-dumping measures on imported sorghum originating in the United States。  ZTE or sanctions as a bargaining chip to win the US export control measures for ZTE made, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman on the 17th should inquire issued a statement that will be closely watching the progress of events, ready to take the necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate Chinese companies rights and interests。  The spokesman said China has always required Chinese enterprises in overseas business process, compliance with host country laws and policies, legal compliance for doing business。ZTE Corporation and hundreds of US companies carried out extensive cooperation in trade and investment, the United States contributed tens of thousands of jobs。Hope the United States according to the law, properly handled, and for enterprises to create a just, fair and stable legal and policy environment。  Ministry CCID deputy director of Institute for Integrated Circuits Wangshi Jiang told reporters in the 21st Century Business Herald, the United States is China launched the "301 investigation", under the Sino-US trade friction continues to heat up the background, the US side to take measures against the resurgence intention deep。  "The United States may not really want to fight a trade war, this time thrown sanctions on the one hand, ZTE can win more chips for a possible future negotiations, on the other hand it is clear that China is heavily dependent on the United States in terms of chips and components from the United States imports, against ZTE is China a threat to the other component parts of the kinds of industry。"US Commerce Secretary WilburRoss said the reason for the resurgence has been dismissed because there is no sanction according to a settlement agreement or punishment some staff。  Tsinghua University, senior fellow at the Center for China-US relations, Zhou told reporters in the 21st Century Business Herald, the US ZTE revert to the old accounts suspected of repeated punishment, "is not an excuse to punish employees initiated this measure is extremely high-handed, that the United States lacks a truly effective punished in accordance。"Ministry of Industrial Economics Research Institute CCID a new researcher Liang told reporters in the 21st century Business Herald, China in Trump released a list of $ 50 billion according to '301 investigation', the Chinese equivalent efforts to fight back; Trump declared an additional $ 100 billion that sanctions are also Chinese tougher fight back, it seems that none of Trump play the effect desired。And the measures against the resurgence of the attack points to the direction of pain at the Chinese industry, on the one hand in order to obtain a more favorable negotiating position, on the other hand is in order to curb the development of Chinese high-end industry。  The rapid development of China's integrated circuit industry high level of vigilance of the United States。In mid-2017, US President Science and Technology Advisory Commission issued a report, "continued to consolidate US leadership in the semiconductor industry," said, "China's chip industry has been a threat to US national security and related businesses", and suggested that China's chip industry to be more closely Review。  The report recommended that the US government restricts US companies to invest in China, jointly with its allies to impose restrictions on China, while limiting capital of international M & I and technology transfer。The past two years China's overseas M & A is basically rejected direct US Committee on Foreign Investment, or because of fear of being rejected by the US company terminated early。  Pain behind the development bottleneck components of a new industry Liang said the US sanctions measures ZTE hit the soft underbelly of China's telecommunications industry, but also reflects the pain on the integrated circuit industry in China, high-end components。  She introduced the ZTE components imported from the United States are more central and irreplaceable, once its supply chain was forcibly cut off, will face the problem of life and death。  In the past two years, the United States is the bottleneck strangling the throat, forcing ZTE had time and time again, "March continued life", and forced to make a compromise settlement in ZTE。  Ministry CCID material Institutes of reports indicate that a 21st century economy, high-end chips, China central processor (CPU), a memory, a field programmable gate array (the FPGA), a high speed digital to analog converter (AD / DA) and so highly dependent on imports。Among them, the overall level of China-made CPU is still lagging behind the international mainstream 3-5 years, computing architecture is still dependent on the authorization of international X86, ARM, MIPS, Power Architecture of several。The memory almost completely dependent on imports。  In addition, advanced manufacturing processes, SMIC, Hua Li Microelectronics 28nm just started mass production, but with the international advanced level is still a difference of 2.More than five generations。Manufacturing process aspect features, high frequency radio frequency device manufacturing technology, the IGBT high-power, the compound semiconductor is still lacking。Supporting terms of equipment and raw materials industries, high-end lithography, resist high-end, 12-inch silicon wafers and other yet to achieve localization。  Wangshi Jiang said China still obvious shortcomings in terms of basic components。"Development of China's electronic information industry is started from the machine, which is conducive to play to the advantages of labor-intensive, and then slowly to the upstream manufacturing and raw materials, components of these aspects of climbing。At present, China has been very powerful in the machine, and now this piece of manufacturing are slowly catching up。But the more upstream components of the core aspects of this piece, such as capacitance and inductance, analog chips, chips and other high-end digital-analog our foundation remains poor。"Ceramic capacitor (MLCC), for example, to him, although the price of such devices is not high, but Chinese products are difficult to meet the requirements。The greatest feature of these core components is more variety, low-volume, single species market is relatively small, technical difficulty and high, many US and European companies after years of development, have mastered these techniques and occupied these market segments。Chinese enterprises to go it is difficult to compete with。And the technology research in China, more focused on concentrating power for more varieties of products have not been able to effectively play the advantages of the system。  He said the need for a catch-up process, expect China after four decades of development, a century of experience to master the United States and Europe is unrealistic, but it is a critical time to catch up, the Chinese are more and more obstacles。  Wangshi Jiang worry is that the US approach could be followed in other countries hitchhiking together to curb the development of China's high-tech industry。"The US measures will not only affect the supply of US companies, but also may affect other countries, such as the United States not only ban the export of ZTE, ZTE also prohibits technical services, and companies in other countries, such as ARM forced the United States pressure, it may be deterred from doing business with ZTE。"Ministry of Commerce to take temporary anti-dumping measures sorghum China to the United States this quickly made a comeback。April 17, the Commerce Department reported on imported sorghum originating in the United States anti-dumping investigations of the preliminary ruling, it decided to take temporary anti-dumping measures on imported sorghum originating in the United States。Since April 18 this year, while imports originating in the United States imports of sorghum should be determined in accordance with the ruling of the companies deposit ratio (178.6%) corresponding margin to the China Customs。  Secretary of Commerce Bureau Wang Hejun trade remedy investigations to the media, preliminary findings show that US sorghum of dumping on the Chinese market, high dumping margin, sorghum serious impact on China's domestic market。US sorghum sharp increase in the number of Chinese exports, from 31 in 2013.70,000 tons in 2017 increased to 475.80,000 tons, an increase of 14 times。At the same time, the price of US sorghum exports to China fell from 2013 to $ 290 / ton in 2017 to US $ 200 / ton, down 31%。The resulting decline in the price of Chinese sorghum, sorghum industry has been substantial damage to China。  Liang a new introduction, for the "double reverse" investigation had been started in February this year, this is preliminary, final ruling expected US sorghum will be announced soon。  Zhou pointed out that the provisional anti-dumping measures on Sorghum "timely and effective, flexible," he said, China's anti-dumping actions against sorghum have mastered sufficient evidence, in general, the anti-dumping investigation period is nine months, but in under the background of trade friction heating up, China promptly issued this powerful measures。  According to Article 30 of China's "Anti-dumping Regulations" and the WTO "Anti-Dumping Agreement" 7.3, 60 days after the filing, investigating authorities have the right to make a preliminary ruling and take interim measures。Case filed on February 4, made the preliminary ruling on April 17, this measure is also in line with Chinese law and WTO rules。  It is worth noting that this case is a case of the Ministry of Commerce self-initiated, Wang Hejun said that as the Chinese sorghum industry concentration is low, the large number of growers, the industry is difficult to prepare the necessary application documents, Chinese government authorities autonomously based on prima facie evidence of their grasp the United States launched the survey sorghum。  In addition, the Ministry of Commerce on February 4 announced that the US sorghum launch anti-dumping countervailing investigation, this announcement is only a preliminary anti-dumping ruling。Wang Hejun said anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations are two cases, investigation procedures involved and the body are different。The investigating authorities will announce the determination in accordance with regulations in accordance with the law after the completion of the preliminary countervailing findings。  Zhou said the US high agricultural subsidies covering almost the entire planting include sorghum, soybeans, etc., is necessary to undertake further its anti-subsidy investigations。  Reading event