note!April micro-channel scan code to limit pay!After this number the most expensive day


Today, the use of micro-channel, scan code Alipay payment has become the norm of life。
But you know?Micro letter, Alipay payment applications such as scan code will officially usher in the quota limit。
Recently, the central bank issued "on the issuance of People's Bank of China<Barcode payment services (for Trial Implementation)>Notice "(Yin Fa [2017] No. 296), supporting the issuance of the" bar code payment security specification (Trial) "and" bar code payment acceptance terminal specifications (Trial) "(Silver Ban Fa [2017] No. 242 issued), from since April 1, 2018 implementation。
New regulations for the bar code payment established the "rules": If using a static scan code to pay, the same customer bank or payment institution single-day total transaction amount should be no more than 500 yuan, the highest no limit dynamic scan code to pay, the new rules this year April 1 officially implemented。 What is a static barcode payment?The most common street vendors, food market, grocery store, etc. on the wall or on a static printed bar code, when we shopped payment, payment to produce code for the cashier to scan the bar code is the dynamic。 The central bank regulations, the use of static bar code payment, risk prevention capacity d level, regardless of the transaction authentication to use the same bank or payment institution customers one-day total transaction amount should be no more than 500 yuan。 For dynamic barcodes (such as bar code generated in real time on the phone) payment, the risk prevention capability of the transaction authentication divided into A, B, C three, the same customer in a single day cumulative trading limits are independent convention, 5,000, 1000 RMB。
At the same time, requirements, static background server should be encrypted to generate bar code, the bar code should be adopted security paper impressions; barcode static display medium should be placed in the line of sight cashier merchant, the merchant should be checked regularly medium; static guard bar code should be used and other physical protection means to avoid being covered or replaced; static barcode prominently display medium significantly payee information, user verification。 Why limit?In recent years, the rapid development of bar code payment services, has become an important manifestation of the development of the form, however, although the bar code payment convenience, there are still a lot of hidden dangers。 Static bar code can easily be tampered with or altered, easy to carry Trojan horse or virus, which risk prevention capacity has been identified as d-level。 At the same time, pay bar code technology implementation and business risk relative to traditional bank card payment disrupt fair competition order, payment risk prevention and other issues not in place has its particularity, some market institutions also exist in business development in。 What is the impact on consumers?Consumption over 500 yuan how to do?Many people will not ask after the implementation of new regulations, with a micro-channel or Alipay sweep swept away, only to spend 500 yuan a day?But it is not, after the implementation of new regulations, consumers street vendors sweep static barcode micro-payments will not be affected。
For example, if you ate a $ 600 meal in a restaurant, bar code scan still have difficulty paying, and then you can let the cashier scan the bar code generated dynamically on your phone consumers, but it is more secure。
Dynamic bar codes as follows: Deputy Secretary General of China Association for Payment Clearing Kang Lin said, Alipay and micro-letters we use every day, generally two or more, such as fingerprint, password, of which more than two elements, one-day limit is 5,000 yuan。
The consumer is concerned, it will not bring any inconvenience。
What is the impact of the store?After the implementation of new regulations, may have an impact on small business street。
For example, for selling pancakes bosses, one day after earning more than $ 500, you need to individually scan each customer code, if you encounter a hurry office workers, will cause some inconvenience。 In addition, if the daily income of more than 500 yuan, these stores also need to prepare their own scan code gun a class of device, it might give some pressure on small businesses to increase。 Police advise 1.To use official channels to scan code application software, do not sweep the two-dimensional code is unknown; 2 carefully verify the authenticity, check the information, confirmed the two-dimensional code is safe and effective; 3。On the common two-dimensional code should also maintain an appropriate alert, protect your payment dimensional code; best to install security software on some regular 4 phones, mobile phones increase the safety factor, the virus will prevent lawless elements embedded in the two-dimensional code, the Pirates take individual citizens important information。 Source: Xinhua。