Qingming is also poisonous snakes than cane?(1)


  "Cane, poisonous snakes!"Before and after the annual Qingming, there were many food poisoning!Hubei is a girl eating sugar cane childhood poisoning, convulsions for three decades!So why "season" cane "virulence" so great?  So toxic is not to say itself toxic, but before and after the rainy season is very easy to make sugar cane broken, resulting in。
But in the broken core, the core if you see becomes dark red, is likely to have bacteria in it。
After moldy sugar cane cut, there is a section of red filaments, which contains a neurotoxin, can cause unconsciousness when this toxin severe respiratory failure。  So do not eat season?  Really want to say up front and rear is not limited, as long as the mildew has produced risk。
But you do not have to worry too much about the junior partner, not wearing colored glasses to see, as long as no mildew, sugar cane or sugar cane is good, you can still eat at ease!That how it chose good cane?Sugarcane black and red skin, smooth, frost, more fresh。  Touch hardness hardness, hard texture of fresh sugar cane, sugar cane moldy soft texture。If relatively soft texture of sugar cane would have to pay attention。
  See section normal appearance, color and appearance and a smooth center, if the color difference sugar cane, or downy appear white flocculent material at the end, the cross section cut if redness yellow, brown, black or green spots patches, indicates mildew, so best not to buy sugar cane!  Identification without odor normally squeezed out juice juicy sweet, crisp and refreshing, unique scent with a cane flavor, if musty smell rancid or sour lees smell, such as smell, description has changed, so can not eat sugar cane。
  Heart-warming reminder juice in the end can not drink?  If mildew, it is possible to produce, I do not know if the seller mildew harm toxin, could not bear to throw it straight juice, sugar cane juice may contain such toxins, poisoning risk, therefore, on the streets of unknown origin refined sugar cane juice is not the best drink。  Of course, if there is no fresh mildew, are bought and squeezed sugar cane juice is no problem。Drink sugar cane juice is best to choose their own are bought and squeezed。