Spring property market the new disc onto the market: house prices up has entered the trough


  Since March, the property market gradually active。
According to Tianjin, I love my family statistics, the city's new home market last week, new supply square meters, volume square meters, the average transaction price was 14,563 yuan / square meter。 Among them, four districts around the city focus on heavy volume, the market turnover of the main outer suburbs。
I love my family Tianjin analysts believe that last week's new home market prices affected by the transaction structure fell slightly, trading volume rose to an average level before the Spring Festival holiday, the overall operation of the market is relatively stable。   In the second-hand house last week, the city's second-hand housing turnover rose Jinliang Cheng, the average transaction price rose 5%。
According to Tianjin, I love my family data show that the average transaction price statistics by region, as of now, in March this year, Hedong District, second-hand housing average price of about 17,000 yuan per square meter, compared with 23,000 yuan; Hebei District, the average price of 16,000 yuan last year, compared to 21,700 yuan; Hexi District, the average price of 21,000 yuan, 28,000 yuan a year earlier; Nankai District, the average price of 25,000 yuan, 27,800 yuan a year earlier; Hongqiao District, the average price of 15,000 yuan to 22,000 yuan a year earlier; a zone of peace the average price of 27,000 yuan, 38,000 yuan a year earlier。 As it can be seen, although the current property market transaction prices were relatively stable, but year term, prices have been significantly into the trough。
  Since April last year, the city's deepening regional purchase of housing policy implementation, a series of clear, detailed measures to strengthen supervision of release after another, as buyers continue to create a more robust trading environment, to enable the market to return to the rational。 After the first two months of this year of silence, after entering in March, the property market turnover has gone up, but still at low levels phase, customers hold out the situation still dominate。
Widely believed, in March the city's new and existing homes trading volume will rise slightly, but the price trend is not expected to fluctuate。 ( "Tsukumo" news editor Zhang Yu)。