Hong Kong continued to lead global IPO market shares and the number of funds raised but fell Qi


  China news agency, December 19 electric internationally renowned accounting firm Deloitte 19 and looking ahead to the Hong Kong IPO market。
Deloitte is expected, as of December 31, the Hong Kong market this year, a total of 120 shares on the aggregate amount of approximately HK $ 194.7 billion, ranking first in the world, but the number of new shares on the market and funds raised fell by 3% and 26% respectively。
  Deloitte China National Co-listed business group leaders to revitalize the European partner said that despite the 2016 economic weakness earlier in mainland China, the US rate hike schedule has been speculation among British and European sparked off a lot of worries, but with the European Central Bank the introduction of quantitative easing policy, the economy began to take a good Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Shenzhen as well as the positive impact on start pushing, Hong Kong will still be able to support more than just large-scale IPOs。   He pointed out that mainland China IPO financing from financial services institutions accounted for about 70% of the Hong Kong IPO market this year, compared with 2015, accounting for 53%, it is a big leap。
Among them, China Postal Savings Bank traded on the HKEx Board, this year the world's largest IPO。
  Deloitte said in mid-2017 global IPO market will face many challenges, particularly in the normalization of US monetary policy, several major national leadership change, the RMB exchange rate continued downward pressure, as well as the further development of the UK off Europe。
Although the number of companies waiting for the market solid, but the financing capacity of the Hong Kong IPO market, particularly large shares could face pressure。
  Deloitte expects the Hong Kong market in 2017 will be 120-130 IPO, funds raised between 160 billion to 180 billion Hong Kong dollars。   Deloitte pointed out that mainland China in mid-2017 financial services institutions will continue to be the protagonist of the Hong Kong IPO market, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, aviation services, technology, media and telecommunications industries, as well as overseas companies will be the focus of market shares。
In addition, the Hong Kong market active, are the basis of international, as well as the role of a common Asian market will help attract SMEs in other Asian countries and regions on the Hong Kong market。
  Turning to the role of the development of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through Hong Kong and the mainland market, said the revitalization of the EU, Hong Kong and Shanghai pass and launched a new optimized Shenzhen and Hong Kong through a variety of good for Hong Kong and mainland stock markets still only be fully revealed, in particular, is proposed to introduce the new shares through the contents have not yet developed, and the medium term, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong market valuation differences are likely to be gradually reduced。
(End) Editor: Shao Yuxiang。