US supermarket theft gang fled after committing the crime Chuaimen group of police guarding the door unexpectedly!


  China Daily March 19 electrical (Tu Tian), according to the British "Daily Mail" website reported on March 18, recently, the US city of Seattle, a Costco supermarket attempted theft incident, the thief fled in several entrainment goods kick mad fire exit door when the scene, but was at the door of the police arrest a month behind。   It is reported that several people suspected of committing crimes in the supermarket several times, each time entrainment of non-payment of goods to escape from the fire exit。
This time, the supermarket's security personnel recognized them and notified the police。
Police arrived at the scene found an exit, etc. had also provided assistance to these people's cars, and blocked the way out of the car。 Subsequently, the two thieves and the police will come to a positive contact with two hands when he tried to escape thieves also hold a variety of goods。
  According to the police, when they arrived at the scene, and immediately discovered the theft gang of 18-year-old woman was sitting on a black Toyota car seat, staring at the fire exits supermarket。
Then in the evening 6:04, a 30-year-old male and a 21 year old female foot flung open the fire exit door, intend getaway。   You can hear them in there Chuaimen voice, so everyone would have stood in the doorway waiting。 A policeman representation。   It is understood that this theft gang of two women has now been taken into custody due to theft, in addition to a man who seized because they were carrying 7 inches (about cm) tool, to police custody on charges of robbery。 In addition to committing the crime were arrested in the supermarket, they had also earlier in the day to go to another company Costco supermarket theft, stolen goods worth about $ 2,200 (about RMB million)。