Eat recipe taboos such remedies can not be used


Sometimes eating taboo remedies, remedies have a good effect, but sometimes not satisfactory, folk said can cure all diseases just rumors, and today a small series of 6681 to look at it taboo to eat recipe!Eating a recipe taboo, Fishbone card throat vinegar vinegar alone swallow balls in the throat for a few seconds only, basically impossible to achieve the effect of softening bones, a lot of drinking vinegar and could lead to an upset stomach。
Swallow balls may cause throat fishbone stabbed, and even pierce the esophagus, causing infection, they are likely to endanger the life of the party。
The right approach: coughing, vomiting bayonet should promptly hard cough, you can use your fingers to stimulate the base of the tongue, vomiting through the bones washed out。
If these methods did not effect, should immediately seek medical treatment。 Second, when the hands upward upward do not only nosebleed nosebleeds!This approach not only can not stop the bleeding, and may allow blood to flow back into the esophagus and stomach, severe blood is also possible to inhale the trachea and lungs, blocking the airway!Eat recipe taboo right approach: we should sit down immediately when those of ipsilateral nose nosebleeds, head forward, and then Apply cold towel on the head or neck。
It can also be stuffed cotton balls in the nostrils, and pinch the nose。
Third, raw fish gallbladder eyesight popular among the "raw fish guts clear fire, eyesight and even cough," but there is no medical basis to say。
Fish gall bladder bile contains toxins, toxic to cells, either raw or cooked fish guts are poisoning。
Ranging from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, can cause severe multiple organ failure and even death。