Hong Kong property market entered a price adjustment "Murderer" an occasion to lower prices shot


  (Data) (Picture) Memories can be misery, just as people want to buy property。
In the New Year wishes of Hong Kong people, the "fall in property prices" impressively。 Now it seems they expected a dream come true。 2016 just getting articles, there are two messages about the Hong Kong property market is coming – the end of private residential property prices in Hong Kong index falling to a new low, the number of new applications for pre-sale of real estate this year is expected to hit 12-year high。 Supply go up, property prices have fallen, so the question is, buy it?Hong Kong seems not so optimistic。
  Property prices continued to "softened" predict will lower and lower in Hong Kong Rating and Valuation Department latest data show that private residential property prices in Hong Kong index after two consecutive months of decline in November last year fall in the low monthly decline 3% the highest since March last year, a new low。
  Liu Jiahui, chief analyst at Midland Realty pointed out that property prices on a monthly basis in November fell by 3 percent, the biggest monthly decline after the November 2008 fell by 8% in a single month。
For the time being, the stock market downward adjustment in property prices affect the negative factors still exist, property prices in Hong Kong in 2016 is expected to have the opportunity to further adjustment, but the adjustment is about 10%。
  According to Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" reported that the Hong Kong property market from the atmosphere slowed in the third quarter of last year, housing prices and trading volume both fell, second-hand housing transaction volume is more than consecutive months at low levels。
Senior Lecturer, Division of Building Science and Technology University of Hong Kong Peter POON think, relatively stock, the lower house is always a risk, even if property prices fell markedly now, there are still a lot of money into the property market in Hong Kong will be。
  According to him speculated that this year's prices or reduced 10-20% of。 The property market is too uncertain factors such as hot money flows away such as US interest rates caused, it is expected that the housing market in the coming months, will remain "single-handedly Wang, second-hand light" situation。   This is clearly not so optimistic about the outside world, a time "bubble", "bad-mouthing said" argument flared up。
UBS had predicted that Hong Kong property prices will fall by 10-15% in 2016, to the end of 2017 is down 30% more likely。   The face of a lot of speculation about the property market in Hong Kong, Li Ka-shing said the Hong Kong economy this year slip, the current import and export trade in Hong Kong, retail, hotel revenues were weaker。 The prices depend on the number of willing buyers and the number of the building, to make a balance。
There is a demand, the property market naturally rises; the economy slip, reduced demand, prices will naturally be reduced, "It's very common."。
  Market regulation is still less than paying off the public's confidence in Hong Kong property market began to "price adjustment" too soon, people are more familiar with the previously reported in the "up up up"。
According to the "South China Morning Post" reported that the Hong Kong property market has experienced 12 years of a bull market since 2003 house prices rose more than twice。
  To cool the property market, starting in 2012, the Hong Kong SAR Government introduced the New Deal, in addition to strengthening the additional stamp duty, launched another "buyer stamp duty" to increase home ownership costs, to curb real estate speculators wind。
Appropriate measures are not effective to contain prices, the Government turned to the main land supply, to ease the housing demand。   Hong Kong Lands Department revealed that new applications for mid-2015 sale of commercial housing projects a total of 16,392 residential units, more than four percent annual increase, more approaching record highs in 2012。 Industry estimates, as new supply trend growth, the number of new applications for pre-sale of real estate this year is expected to hit 12-year high。   The end of October last year, Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said that Hong Kong property prices have fallen a second-hand, the Government had to suppress house price measures are markedly。 Leung Chun-ying said that in recent years the current government efforts to increase the supply of land, began to form a relatively large amount of new housing supply。 Market data, prices of primary and secondary housing began to fall, the next government will continue to open up and the supply of land, and promote large-scale infrastructure。
  Long-term rates remain high, many Zeng Hong Kong and China, "looking room sigh," now finally drop as prices, home buyers do not want to?According four places consumer confidence survey released recently, the confidence of Hong Kong people to buy homes in various statistical indicators in the bottom, in the same four places at the bottom,。   The survey results show that Hong Kong and China, although buyers confidence rose in the fourth quarter compared with the previous quarter to two, but still a "lack of confidence" level。
Scholars believe that, although the decline in property prices showing, the corresponding index rebounded, but still reflect the least confidence of Hong Kong people to buy a house。
  Prices drop Yun Business Opportunities "Murderer" shot an occasion to lower prices, according to Hong Kong media reports, recently visited Hong Kong street, limited funds still reflect the general public "building too expensive" for the property market fell three percent to speculation invariably considered " whimsical "。   Ms. Kwan of Hong Kong, said it will not even have the money to put into the housing market, because prices are too high now。
She had owned the property at 5, which shot a few years ago when the property sells two sets, made a fortune, then not the purchase of a new house。   For families interested in improving the living conditions of Mr. Xu, the current is probably a good time to start new homes。
Turning to the depreciation of the house, he smiled and shook his head, "you live does not matter。 "Hong Kong property prices to fall, has also spawned a new phenomenon。 Hong Kong real estate entrepreneur Young took the opportunity to expand their business, in order to lower the rent of leased floor, it will be converted into a dormitory-style rental apartments for young graduates in Hong Kong live near。
Zhang Quan in the relevant business community, founder of the Hong Kong International Youth cubic believe that housing prices in Hong Kong this year may fall, so now is the time to expand business。
  The community plans to launch this year, at least two projects, providing a total of 200 rooms。 Zhang Quan added, reducing mainland tourists, the Hong Kong industry downturn, many small-scale hotel closed down, but it provides opportunities for the hotel industry。 "Rental apartment operators stationed in the hotel had vacant spot, and took over the hotel the original license。
"In the war parity 'has no minimum, only lower' in, was not to be seen 'haunted house', also wants the relatively high prices, clearing the opportunity to leave the new tenants, mostly foreigners or local Catholics。   The market believes that the current Hong Kong property market seems to reverse at the moment, a more cautious attitude of buyers into the market, and more for discount real estate, at least half the market price is lower Murderer it was easy to sell。
Sure, Hong Kong "Murderer king" Chen Jia recently in a binary ultra-cheap price, sold a set of "super Murderer", similar to other Murderer "crazy cheap" to break the news to win more than the newspapers。 Editor: Wang Yue。