Coke leavened beef how do teach you to do the most authentic Beijing cuisine


How do coke leavened piece in Beijing often see coke leavened beef, when small series in Beijing university will focus leavened eat beef because it tastes so good, then how do coke leavened with beef and small edited to look at the introduction coke leavened beef how to do it!Coke leavened beef how do Ingredients: sirloin materials: surface (white) seasoning: vegetable oil commonly used aqueous sugar rice wine vinegar, ginger shallot soy nutrient salts present menu selenium micrograms mg of zinc, iron, mg, magnesium 17 mg Sodium mg 270 mg of potassium, 150 milligrams of phosphorous, 6 milligrams of calcium, 122 milligrams of cholesterol, carbohydrate grams, 2 grams of fat, grams of protein, 125 calories card.Production Method 1.Tiqu fascia beef, cut into about 10 cm wide and 6 cm, a large standby power cm thick beef how do leavened 2.Onion cut into small pieces, ginger strips, with a little cold water for half an hour soak, water Serve ginger 3.Beef put wine, ginger a little water and 1 g of salt, stirred until completely absorbed, the surface sticky to 4.Transfer paste: corn starch mix thoroughly with water, the water to put little by little, after grasping strong and thick to pour a little vegetable oil, 5 to stir in the same direction.Pour vegetable oil pan, the oil should be large, till the Qicheng heat, put a piece of beef slices evenly coated with the paste is tuned, fire deep fry pan brittle surface, and then again till the Bacheng hot oil down complex bombing look to crisp.。