These foods can not eat at the same time!Eat so many years actually eat the wrong


  The human body is a complex structure, digestion is a complex process。 If the diet mismatches are likely to lead the stomach to digest burden, or even cause gastritis。 Russia "ELLE" news network for everyone summarizes several common food mistakes with the case, Xiao Bian do a summary, see what you do in a minefield?  Inventory of several common food mistakes with black tea and lemon drink lemon tea should also pay more attention when, on some imported lemons are often attached to a certain amount of preservative, preservative once combined with caffeine in black tea, it it is possible to produce carcinogenic substances。
  Alcohol and coffee after a night out party is already dawn, you think of a coffee shop to keep a clear mind to make a cup of coffee。
Expert Center for American Studies found that caffeine may inhibit the effects of alcohol。 In other words, a cup of coffee can make your right brain sober for 6 hours, so you do not sleepy, heart beat faster, but it will make your body extreme dehydration。
  Wine and coffee drink with alcohol will increase the human body against。   Coffee and wine while drinking alcohol will soon be drawing the body's digestive system, then into the blood circulatory system, directly affecting the stomach, heart, liver and kidney, brain and endocrine organs work properly, a serious disorder of metabolism in vivo, the biggest victims will be our brain tissue, which causes the brain to suppress the extreme into extreme excitement and stimulates the blood vessels expand, accelerate blood circulation, which greatly increase vascular bear。 To do so against the human body, the higher the height of pure drinking spirits many times。 Therefore, "美酒加咖啡" is not science。
  If you want to "wine" and "coffee" Both have both, and that was the interval drink it!The interval of both is preferably more than three hours。   Burgers and beer boyfriend's favorite beer with burgers, not knowing that the body is very harmful, alcohol and fat turns to "attack" the liver。
When the human body when every effort to reduce the negative effects of alcohol, fat from Hamburg into the body, the formation of fatty deposits。 Or it will cause heartburn, bloating, indigestion and other symptoms。
  Burger with fried chicken now Yangkuaicandian throughout the country, a burger plus one pair of deep-fried chicken wings are the most common way of eating。
Burger and fried chicken can be described as the "king of the high-calorie", similar to pancake mix there with fritters, French fries with sandwiches。 Long-term consumption is a direct consequence of obesity, diabetes, fatty liver and other chronic diseases are also likely to seek them out。   Suggest that you do not eat when eating burgers and chips, for to do vegetables and fruits; breakfast eat more fruits and vegetables; eating out is not the point of oil staple food, so can avoid high heat with a certain extent,。
  Pineapple yogurt with pineapple and yogurt may be a delicious breakfast, but not everyone knows eating pineapple and dairy products at the same time could lead to poisoning。 Bromelain Pineapple containing one (also known as pineapple enzyme), and this enzyme may lead to poisoning dairy binding。   Wine and dessert at the end of the work week you decide to treat yourself, then buy a bottle of wine for himself and a small cake。 But you may not know that wine will promote the secretion of insulin, thereby accelerating the digestion of carbohydrates, which is likely to cause fat accumulation。
If you can not refuse the temptation of alcohol, then you can eat a little cheese and fresh vegetables。   Both instant noodles are added ham condiment, salt content of a packet of instant noodles can achieve the recommended amount (no more than 6 grams per person per day) of times, and ham, luncheon meat, bacon, sausage and other processed meat products also a large salt。 Categories with food can be described as "add on salty salty" may lead to atherosclerosis and high blood pressure。
There are common with high salt salt staple food (steamed rolls, green onion cake) with preserved foods (salted, pickled cucumbers, etc.)。