Do not let the long distance relationship turned into tragedy


In today's society, many of us because of work, study and other reasons forced his beloved other half hardy mandarin duck into a landscape of a thousand miles apart。Although they will call each other every day, send text messages, but can not fully express the extent of a person's thoughts。Love a person is a happy thing, miss a person is very painful, very popular thing torment。After suffering endured thoughts, we can not guarantee that two people eventually hand and went into the hall to a happy marriage。    Now, in this growing, materialistic city, many young people are in front of all confused, feel the life of luxury is what you want, because some girls can not bear to be alone for a long time a day, in order to be able to find a sense of security in life。She endured the pain would go to give up long-distance relationship, how to find a fact, he does not love the local boys formed a couple。Although she can not forget the boys from afar, but in order to be able to no longer alone, no longer feel safe to live, she can only choose in front of the boys。While the boys are not their favorite people, but just this guy was able to bring a sense of security to your heart, by the aggrieved cry when there are at least comforted him with his shoulder can rely on。A hug and lingering passion every day to make their lives no longer plagued by loneliness。The boys from afar may be very good, he may be more unbearable girlfriend is not that of a loneliness and solitude around them, they hang out with those girls around them, although after each seemingly romantic encounter with passion, he will things a little bit of regret and remorse, but the life of loneliness and solitude, so he had to do what he did not really want to do。A betrayal may be able to get each other's forgiveness, but more than twice betrayal will never be able to get their forgiveness, the final outcome is two people took to the stranger, they do not want too, but may not do the kind of life。    Not everyone can not bear to miss the pain and suffering lover, in reality, there are many long distance relationship finally came together, maybe they met in the network, maybe they met in a strange phone, maybe they met in a lot of ordinary people can not accept way, but they finally came together。To get a long distance relationship turned into comedy, among the two people must have a person to sacrifice, to give up their favorite work, give up their favorite city, back luggage boarded the train, got into a car, or even get on the plane to the other side of the city life。So that two people can stay together every day with the sweet, never let thoughts of pain from harassing each other。Perhaps the only way long distance relationship will have a happy ending。    In fact, in life, some couples are sad than long distance relationship, perhaps in the eyes of others they are affiliated, every day brought together sweet loving couple。This only shows the two of them acting good, acting good so that others do not see flaws。Maybe they were all together show affection every day, but few people know their hearts of two people far apart in the ends of the earth。Sharing a bed does not mean that heart to heart, can only represent attractive because of loneliness and emptiness caused by the flesh。In order to benefit, in order to show off, to pass the inner loneliness and emptiness, they say on the other side against one of the words“I love you”They disguise themselves and each other so that both feel very tired, but in order in front of all, they had to continue to go on pretending。In fact, the false disguise of love is not a bit happy couple nice。    Two people living in different places is not terrible, horrible thing is that two people who are not able to keep themselves on the other side a thousand words, promised eachother。No matter where he or she, if you really love him or her, it is necessary ascribed to abandon their careers, she went to the city where he or。For a man, find a good job, but one can appreciate themselves, knows how people really love their special hard to find, perhaps only one chance in this life, will never lose the。BMW Mercedes-Benz, covered brand name is not the ultimate purpose of our lives, who never lost a loved one can not hide the pain。Even if you lived ten million yuan large villa, you can not see that his own favorite in the empty house, where you have joyless?    Long distance relationship in order to have a good outcome, you need two people to stick to their commitment to each other once the original, two people have to make the appropriate sacrifices。Do not let the long distance relationship becomes a tragedy, if you really loved him, and find him, so even if there is no last be together, but at least life will not regret and guilt。    Finally, I hope that the whole world all long distance relationship couples are able to stick to their promises not to let disappointment in the distance waiting for you man。I hope you will be able to use their own practical action to prove that you are the true love of people。    QQ951043575