Italian construction tycoon commercial interests was to bribe prosecutors indicted mayor


  Bribery case occurred last year, December 7, at that time, two well-known local builder 罗科伯纳西 Sa and 赫拉尔比安科 Fei Youlai through careful planning, went to the city of Cerignola City Hall call long。
During the meeting, two builders courtesy of a box of cookies presented to the mayor, the mayor gladly accept this small gift。
  Rocco made at the time the two men met with the mayor and Gerardo, the mayor hopes to help fund approved a project worth 100 million euros for reconstruction of the sixth installment Qieliniao City garbage trash。 Of course, the name of the project and Gerardo company to conduct covered by Rocco。   Rocco and Gerardo after leaving the mayor's office, the mayor opened the delicate biscuit boxes, and found not what biscuit biscuit box contents, but 20,000 euros in cash。
Then the mayor reported the builders to achieve in exchange for commercial gain, and its bribery case to prosecutors。   Prosecutors received a report in cooperation with police investigating bribery case against two builders。 After nearly a year of investigation and evidence collection, the prosecution finds sufficient grounds Rocco and Gerardo commercial gain, on suspicion of bribing the mayor of evidence。 Then prosecutors issued arrest warrants against two construction tycoon, and officially on suspicion of commercial bribery indictment filed to the court。