Check card system based on RFID technology


  Smart ordinary meeting attendance contactless IC card system, require participants to designated locations to produce documents and credit cards, the situation when many people do not want or need to sign long queues inevitable。 For high-level meetings, such as the NPC and CPPCC meetings, participants who are generally quite have the identity, if this card out mode, on courtesy and convenience is completely undesirable, but not conducive to the participating organizations to achieve humane Conference management。
  In order to solve the drawbacks of the previous ordinary meeting attendance system exists, open channel conference attendance system came into being, this attendance system with dual-frequency technology, combined with automatic control technology, computer technology, wireless communication technology, video technology, for a variety of senior meeting attendance management provides a practical, cost-effective, secure and reliable management solution。
  Based on the open-channel dual-frequency RFID technology conference attendance system is a new sign of intelligent systems, the system has changed the previous management of traditional credit card to automatically recognize the new barrier-free open-channel mode, when the participants wear authorized representative when the card through, without active credit card, the system will automatically identify and collect information by the person in order to automatically check-ins。
Because the system uses the open-channel mode, without active credit card, greatly improving the speed of movement of the personnel at the same time, the administration also appears to be more humane。   Open Channel meeting attendance system is mainly reflected in the application process and function as a pre-session preparation, including the time and place of the meeting confirmed their attendance at staff meetings to determine。
Customizable greeting by the user according to different meetings, where their own customized; the main content of the pre-session attendance card issuers include printing and sign making card; requires the screen to pop up when people sign the meeting attendance name, organization, title, photograph while when the smart card is not used, it can be a keypad or keyboard substitute online。
Sign real-time display。 The system can be networked sign, can also be used alone, it can also be networked multi-machine use。
  The system can be made to repeat automatically sign (with the machine / multi-machine) treatment to ensure uniqueness and accuracy of attendance data can be automatically unified multi-point time, provide a manual check in, forgot to address on behalf of card, lost card。 The system can achieve multi-screen synchronized display, according to credit card data can be continuously updated, the simultaneous display statistics check-ins on multiple screens。
The option of using computer monitors, televisions and video walls to real-time monitoring check-ins, the attendance at a glance, easy representatives, but also improve transparency。
  The system with its own powerful query system, fuzzy query can check various data and display query results in different colors。
Can keep abreast of check-ins, such as whole or in part has to sign, late, leave, absence of statistical data and a list of lists。
May be performed by controlling the entire background check process, the start time set flexibly according to the actual check, check the end time, to automatically start and end automatically sign。 After the meeting, Attendance statistics – sign a number of computer-generated statistical reports, including meeting attendance reports, late staff reports, statements and other non-attendance。
The attendance statistics and print meeting, the meeting times of each sign and print summary statistics。 The system automatically distinguish Standing representative, the representative attend, it can be simultaneously applied to the check in claim Standing Assembly and。