Gansu Dunhuang desert will do Li Guangxing Flower Festival "flowers for the media" invited guest outing


Data map。 April 2016, Li Guangxing Dunhuang participate Flower Festival actor photographed in apricot garden。
 Zhang Xiaoliang photo Flower Festival sponsored by the Li Guangxing Dunhuang municipal government, the city of Dunhuang Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of SMG, Dunhuang Culture Travel Group and other units jointly sponsored。 It aims Li Guangxing started the brand, promote rural tourism resources to promote the efficiency of farmers' income, rural revitalization of the implementation of strategies to promote global tourism development, Dunhuang help start the tourist season and attract foreign tourists to sightseeing, investment Societe Generale。
  According to reports, Li Guangxing Dunhuang during the Flower Festival will be held environmental hiking, riding a low-carbon travel, painting and calligraphy and painting exhibition, phone readily beat, learn chess, playing the guqin, tea show, square dance, opera music drama joint exercise, lantern exhibition, March three poetry, camel experience, Chi Fernando Cheung, children's kite flying and many other activities, the full desert Dunhuang unique charm of spring。
  Li Guangxing called "Dunhuang king of fruits" of July each year for the harvest season。 1987 apricot varieties in Gansu Province Tasting at the meeting, Li Guangxing Dunhuang place was named regional quality agricultural products; 2007 in Gansu Province, the second exhibition of fruit flowers, Dunhuang "Flying General" brand Li Guangxing was named "Gansu ten local fruit name "Li Guangxing Dunhuang 2016 national geographical indications protection products。
  At present, Li Guangxing Dunhuang City, planting area of 8100 mu, Li Guangxing mid-2017 the total output of 8557 tons, output value reached 76.68 million yuan。 Li Guangxing mainly sold in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an, Yinchuan and Chengdu, Xining, Lhasa, Lanzhou and other cities。