China Mobile responded investment millet IPO: Real Audio has signed a "cornerstone investment talks"


When the afternoon of June 20, there is news that China Mobile is in talks to invest millet IPO, the Securities Times reporter to verify the message to China Mobile, China Mobile responded that "the news is true."。Yesterday's news has been pointed out, Qualcomm, China Merchants, SF signing finalists millet IPO list of cornerstone investors。  Relevant person in charge of China Mobile, told Securities Times reporter, China Mobile has always been active in the TMT industry layout, look for strategic investment opportunities。By millet IPO investment in the Group, China Mobile to achieve the desired resources between complementary and millet Group, acquires the terminal, synergies aspect of things and 5G services, etc., help to improve the operational capacity and service levels, expand the footprint, enhance customer stickiness, further enhance the company's competitiveness and influence。  The official said, by shares millet Group, China Mobile is expected to bring more value to users, promote the development of the company's main business communications, but also enhance the company's strategic transformation, promote reform and innovation of important practice。  For the question of whether China Mobile will participate in other IT companies IPO or CDR investment in the future, The official responded that China Mobile can create synergy with the company's business is conducive to investment development of the company are open to the future does not rule out the possibility of participating in similar investments。  According to the Securities Times reporter, the acquisition funds all of its own funds from China Mobile, in addition, China Mobile and millet have signed the "cornerstone investment agreement" and "Millet Group public offering of depositary receipts of Chinese strategic investors to the Subscription Agreement" In addition, the two sides are considering promoting strategic cooperation。  China Mobile did not disclose the specific amount and percentage of shares than investment to reporters, but according to media reports, China Mobile's investment of $ 100 million。  Further reading this Saturday (June 23) millet Lei Jun, founder of the Global Offering will host a press conference in Hong Kong。Then the first trading day, June 25, millet will begin public offering。  Now, millet still in full swing to find a cornerstone investor。  "Frontline" was informed from different sources, for investors, if you want to become a cornerstone investor millet, the minimum threshold is 50 million dollars, and there are longer than the conventional six-month lock-up period。Part of the source of the "first line" said some weaker institutions are advised to extend its lock-up period, or up to 2 years。  For extended lock-up period of 2 years or to request a different Hong Kong financial circles have felt "incredible" too long。But a lot of millet intention to become a cornerstone investor institutions, eventually overvalued because millet and lock-up period of the problem and give up。  Apart from Chinese-funded institutions, there are many foreign institutions willing to participate in millet cornerstone of investment, a source close to the cornerstone investment of millet on the "front line" means, and these include a large fund in the Middle East。  However, compared to the trend of Chinese-funded institutions such as millet greedy become cornerstone investors, foreign institutions relatively much more cautious。Who has been involved in investment banking millet roadshow on the "front line," he said they would in the screening, then the interval millet valuation given is between one hundred million dollars 650-1000。Among them, the valuation given by foreign institutions most conservative。  Founder Securities (Hong Kong) Channel Management Director Linzi Jun on the "front line" means, although many passive foreign agencies have the feature pages of science and technology, but millet final valuation may your side, do not rule out some foreign institutions from international Placing or secondary market to buy direct。  This is because, according to the cornerstone of investment terms, the general will have lock-up period, it seems that recently, in addition to reading the text, including the Hong Kong stock market most of the so-called unicorn eventually fell below the issue price。  "Frontline" yet to get the millet cornerstone investment terms or agreements。As of press time, yet to obtain comment millet。(Source: first-line) (Original title: China Mobile Exclusive respond investment millet IPO: is true has signed the "cornerstone investment agreement") (Editor: DF142)