April 12 at home and four major securities newspaper headlines essence of Abstract article


China Securities Journal () local state-owned assets to accelerate。Hainan SASAC official has told China Securities Journal reporter, he said provincial state-owned enterprises to promote asset securitization and capital assets of government resources will be the focus of future work。Currently provincial enterprises have been listed back-up resources to cultivate 21, this year's goal is to complete the above three companies in the "new three board" listing。    "Time bomb managed to push back the March flies really suck。"A new third fund manager Zhang Bin (a pseudonym) told the China Securities Journal reporter。Zhang Bin calls the "time bomb" refers to the winding up of the new board funds expire。According to the new board online statistics, in 2017 there will be 204 new three-plate fund-related products expire, the total actual fund-raising up to 190 billion yuan, three new board will usher in the first wave of fund products focused expire in 2017。    Recently, the CBRC issued "financial institutions" regulatory arbitrage, idling arbitrage, arbitrage associated with "special work points" sparked concern。This work is the industry called '' three arbitrage 'special treatment', there is a clear timetable: each sector financial institutions should be fully self-examination completed in 2017 on the 30th November, "check under the" supervision and inspection found problems rectification and accountability work, and the formation of the report submitted to the regulatory authorities。    Group April 11 announced that in order to implement the "2017 Air Pollution Control Program of work surrounding areas of Beijing, Tianjin and" special inspection work, according to the special inspection work plan will require China Petrochemical Corporation held on April 9, China Petrochemical group since April 10 has started dispatched six inspection teams went to "26 + 2" belongs to 29 enterprises in urban areas to carry out on-site inspection work, the focus of all atmospheric source term corporate on-site inspection, the operation of environmental protection facilities , outfall monitoring, on-site environmental management of special supervision, etc.。    Shanghai Securities News () Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued "on accelerating the signing and strictly carry out long-term coal contracts," to speed up the signing of long-term coal contracts, and strict compliance。The circular clearly completed before mid-April contract work to ensure that the number of signed long-term contracts account for annual purchases of supplies or the proportion of 75% or more。Since April, the 15th month of the contract fulfillment reported to the State Development and Reform Commission, ensure the compliance rate of not less than 90%。    New security concept male protagonist doing my part in pre-market division in the occasion, Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area concept on the 11th afternoon meteoric rise quickly pulled up, the key factor driving the index bottomed out rebound, taking over much of the potential。In the Guangdong region to become the first port and shipping sectors and selected financial stocks Bay Area Guangdong, Hong Kong and other large stocks gradually ,,,, sealed limit。    Following yesterday announced that it will take the lead in "High Bonus" After the sharp decline in the ratio, today there are a number of high turn sent the adjustment plans of listed companies。According to incomplete statistics Shangzheng Bao reporters today ,,,,, and other companies have adapted their programs。It is worth mentioning that there are four originally planned to "turn 10 get 30" of the company slashed the proportion of transfer to send。    Today announced, the controlling shareholder of Chang nine Group Holdings transferee has the right to be identified as Jiangxi Advertising Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Air company" under)。According to reports, this transfer the total amount of about 14.3.2 billion yuan。After completion of the transaction, the listed company's actual controller will Ganzhou State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission changed to the Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Management Office culture (referred to as the Beijing-funded Wen Office).    Securities Times () in the first quarter quotes settled。Although the market performance differentiation, but under the structural market, home appliances ,, building decoration and building materials sector performed better。Looking to the second quarter, Qing Quan Capital Research Department believes that the market economic downturn pressure, room for improvement of liquidity and monetary policy can hardly be optimistic。Choice in the industry, promising similar to the "Nifty Fifty" stocks of consumer value investment opportunities。    At 9:00 on April 11, the CIRC solvency of the organization's industry-house training will be held as scheduled。The meeting was chaired by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Wong Hung, Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui speech, the insurance (Group) company, insurance asset management companies were present。The meeting summed up the Chinese system of risk-based solvency formal implementation of initial success achieved over the past year, and announced that the next step will start the "compensation II" the second phase, further improvement of the regulatory rules。    Yesterday, the National People's Congress second session of the NPC Standing Committee 93rd chairman of the meeting clearly the time and agenda for second session of the seventh meeting of the NPC Standing Committee, it is understood and 12th NPC Standing Committee the draft revised twenty-seventh meeting will be held April 24 to 27, the meeting will be considered by investors concerned about the "Securities Act"。    On Monday, the world's leading automobile shares rose 3 Tesla.26%, a new record intraday market capitalization topped $ 51 billion, more than 508.$ 900 billion in market value, to become the largest US carmakers。Affected by this, A-share car plate appearance yesterday linkage。Among them, (002594) pulled up after the opening bell, the stock was up more than 8.3%。As of yesterday's close, BYD rose 6.77%。An increase of 7.49%。      Securities Daily () To meet the advance tax reform, the Ministry of Finance recently adjusted some institutional settings offices。According to the latest official website of the Ministry of Finance show that the Ministry of Finance Tax Policy Department a total of nine offices, at which the corporate income tax, personal income tax in a row。These two offices is a former Tax Policy Department at the spin-off from the income tax, which was interpreted as a signal the industry to accelerate the tax reform。    Retrospect, chief macroeconomic "Securities Daily" reporters said that from seasonal factors, in March compared with February's general credit more than the increase over the past three years the average by more than 400 billion yuan。However, considering the February credit has been relatively strong, and the real estate purchase of overweight residents of long-term loans will have a certain impact in March, the credit is expected to add 1.2 trillion yuan in March, compared with February by more than 30 billion yuan。    A gradual recovery in the share market and the IPO to maintain a certain speed, while the number of enterprises overseas IPO growth is slowing, but HKEx remains one of the major companies in the IPO market。According to its financial data products CVSource statistics, enterprises in overseas capital markets has slowed the pace of 2016 there were only 10 companies completed IPO in overseas.    Since the 2016 reorganization fell through, the company once again usher in a new major shareholder。April 11, the long voyage Phoenix announcement that April 10, the company received the largest shareholder of Tianjin-flight notification, Tianjin and Guangdong-flight Mandarin signed the "Share Transfer Agreement", will be held in Tianjin-flight company 1.8.1 billion ordinary shares (total share capital of 17.89%) by way of transfer protocol to transfer Guangdong Mandarin, transfer of shares totaling 1.9 billion yuan。