"Super ministry" NDRC release micro-performance thin, the overall focus regulation


March 17, Thirteenth National People's Congress voted to adopt a decision on the reform program of the State Council, approved the program。As the first major ministries of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC said that under) functions in China's macro-control system has once again been adjusted。  In this year's State Council institutional reform program, known as "the State Council," said the National Development and Reform Commission to become the largest output functions of departments, many of the original duties were integrated into the ministry placed under the newly formed or re-established。Since mid-1978, China has had seven government agencies reform, this is the fifth time to focus on institutional reform and clarify the NDRC to adjust positioning。This time after the reform, the micro-management functions assumed Development and Reform Commission is further stripped。  "Development and Reform Commission after the downsizing can focus more on the performance of the macro-control functions, it is conducive to enhancing the effectiveness and the degree of precision Development and Reform Commission in the macro-control work。"Professor, School of Public Administration, Renmin University of China, National Development Institute researcher Liu Peng news of surging analysts said, after the institutional reform, the National Development and Reform Commission in the basic position of the macro-control system still will not change much。The functions of price regulation, climate change and emission reduction, audit and other major projects are non-macro-control areas set aside, in favor of more focused Development and Reform Commission to effectively carry out the balance of the total amount of macro-control work。  Derived from the Planning Commission, the macro-control system at the core of the "Little State Department" is located in the National Development and Reform Commission Beijing Yuetan South Street, a gray-black building, a special place in the central ministries in the sequence of macro-control powers, has always been "Little State Department" He said the long-term macro-control system lies at the heart of。The outside world for its "excessive concentration of power, administrative color too thick," the criticism has never stopped。  For decades, the National Development and Reform Commission of change are closely linked with each round of macro-management functions。  In addition to the General Office of Policy Research and other departments, according to its main functions, the NDRC is now under the 26 functional institutions (Division, Bureau), covering the national economy, transportation, energy, environmental resources, foreign investment, trade, employment and other powers involved economic and social development and long-term planning, regulation of the economy, economic reform, price reform, while participation in fiscal policy, monetary policy and financial regulatory policy, it is "super ministries"。  Development and Reform Commission on the "excessive administrative intervention, heavy color plan, there are overlapping responsibilities with other ministries," the criticism, instead of "origin" is closely related to。NDRC's predecessor, dating back to mid-1982 was established in the State Planning Commission。After the establishment of the State Planning Commission, Ministry of Heavy Industry were originally part of the leadership of the Financial and Economic Committee, the first 13 placed under the Ministry of Machinery Industry leadership。Institutional reform in 1998, the original "National Planning Commission" was renamed "State Development Planning Commission."。In 2003, with the Office of the former State Council Economic Restructuring and some of the functions of the former State Economic and Trade Commission together incorporated and reorganized as "the National Development and Reform Commission," "plan" word disappear completely。Reform of the institutions, the National Development and Reform Commission release in the management of industrial sectors related functions and management of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, these two tasks are assigned to the newly formed Ministry of Industry and hosted the newly established National Energy Board。  "From the State Planning Commission, Planning Commission to develop, to the Development and Reform Commission, the functions of this institution behind the adjustment, reflected in the transition to the national macro-control functions under the planned economy to the market economy relations positioning, market and economic conditions。"Liu Peng said that from the total design agency planned economy era, to the mixing stage of the organization of socialist market economic transformation, to the macro-control mechanism of the market economy from the stage of planning, the fate of the government and also with the NDRC market relations change some ups and downs。  Liu Peng, in political economy, who take the State Government Promoting the developmental state model of the market economy model, usually set up a similar organization Development and Reform Commission, for example, Japan's MITI, the Korean Ministry of Trade Industry Wait。  Traveling light, micro-peeling function, the focus of macro-control real operation, as a national "macro" NDRC departments who are charged with numerous micro-transaction management, make it controversial。It is precisely because the NDRC authority both big and wide, reach out to the various industries and fields, with various departments of the State Council formed a transverse cross ties。"Almost a place for a ministry, ministries and what to invest in, not the NDRC not get nod。"An anonymous experts say。  Optimization of the party and state agencies to set up and configuration functions, it is an important starting point for this round of institutional reform。  3 13 morning, by the State Council, State Councilor Wang Yong stated to the third session of the State Council on the reform program of the National People's Congress。Among them, the functions of the National Development and Reform Commission involved a large number of adjustments to further reduce the interference microscopic affairs, focus on the macro-control, while re-sort the integration of inter-ministerial relations。  Specifically, the National Development and Reform Commission organized the preparation of the main functional area planning responsibilities assigned to the newly established Department of Natural Resources; climate change and emission reduction responsibilities assigned to the newly formed Department of Ecology Environment; the investment project management responsibilities included new agriculture Ministry of agriculture and rural established; duties included supervision of major projects Audit; price supervision and inspection and anti-monopoly law enforcement duties assigned to the State Administration of newly formed market; medicines and medical service price management responsibilities, integrated into the national health and Social Security Bureau。  At the same time, the National Development and Reform Commission to organize the implementation of strategic materials purchasing and storage, rotation and management, management of national food, cotton and sugar reserves, and other functions are also adjustments。After the integration of multiple departments and related duties, the newly established formation of the national food and supplies Reserve, managed by the National Development and Reform Commission。  Analysts pointed out that the NDRC overwhelmed by the seemingly thin cut right, but actually enhanced its macro-control functions。In developing economic and social development policies to promote the strategic transformation of the economic structure and overall balance, after the reform NDRC may further focus。  "According to the same rights and responsibilities, to minimize the idea of multiple management of the demolition on the demolition, which is classified on the classification of the NDRC is relatively large adjustment。"National School of Administration Department of Research and Professor of Public Administration, said Wang Yukai, the current round of institutional reform to re-examine the division of duties and powers and functions of the various departments, both inter-ministerial adjustment on the extension, but also re-release functions of various departments of the content-type, homing the combination and optimization。After the "merger of similar items", the NDRC can better play the macro-control planning strategies, to traveling light。  Liu Peng believes that the outside world had a lot to explore issues of centralized power Development and Reform Commission, is not entirely simple departmental interests, but rather the need to reform the national stage concentration of power, has its own rationality。The self-reform and functional transformation Development and Reform Commission, providing realistic conditions for this time of functions between ministries and then comb and Optimization。  "Development and Reform Commission to adjust out multiple functions, both from the perspective of comprehensive reform and function merge merger of similar items for other functions of the departments under the State Council, there is a reform mechanism due to previous time was not ripe and not passed on to other departments, and now the time is ripe after the successful realization of the transfer function。It should be said, the NDRC for mature and straighten out some of the functions which played a role in the cultivation and development of。"Liu Peng believes that the NDRC after weight-loss may be more on energy and resources to perform its macro-control functions on the。In coordination with the new ministries, should be clarified as far as possible the relevant functional, will explain the right to try to minimize the residual。(Original title: "super ministries," National Development and Reform Commission thin peel microscopic functions, the focus of macro-control) (Editor: DF010)