Highland to build a new open wider this year will focus on FTA "New Extension"


  Free Trade Port is expected to emerge this year during the two sessions this year, the FTA, since the high-frequency Kong Trade once again become hot words。
Including Sichuan and other places have submitted proposals to explore the construction of a free trade harbor behalf of the delegation, as well as Anhui, expressed the hope that the establishment of a free trade area experimental。   Coastal areas always positive。 For example, a number of the CPPCC National Committee submitted a joint proposal, we want to support the construction of the first batch of Dalian Free Trade Port。 Members believe that free trade port of Dalian, strategic importance to the implementation of the national strategy for balanced regional development, to create a new pattern of full liberalization of Northeast Asia, to enhance the international competitiveness of northeast old industrial base。   NPC deputy and mayor of Tianjin Zhang Guoqing said that Tianjin is a positive declaration "of Beijing, Tianjin Port Free Trade"。 In Guoqing view, this is not only a free trade port of Tianjin port free trade, but for the entire Beijing, Tianjin and services, Beijing, Tianjin and opening up the entire platform。   In addition, the delegation submitted a proposal Anhui Anhui state support establishing a free trade area of the test during the two sessions。 Anhui delegation believes that Anhui has, including 17 state-level high-tech zones and through the open area, three comprehensive bonded area, including many mature open carrier, with the conditions and infrastructure FTA test area。   Sichuan delegation on the plenary session, discussed and approved the proposal for support for the construction of inland Sichuan Province to explore free trade in Hong Kong。
In addition, also based in Sichuan Tianfu New focus on building inland open highland economy。   As of now, there are already including coastal inland Shanghai, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Guangdong, Sichuan and other provinces to compete for more than ten free trade port。
"Economic Information Daily" correspondent was informed earlier, Dalian, Liaoning provincial government has officially declared a free port plan submitted to the State Council, and send a copy to the relevant departments。
Qingdao is also relying on the west coast of Qingdao Economic Area Qingdao Port and Qingdao Port is located actively seek to create a free trade port, Qingdao free trade port of the current program has taken shape and has been communicating with the Ministry of Commerce。
  Since actively explore the existing 11 free trade area experimental breakthroughs in our trade area is also actively exploring seek new breakthroughs。
For example, as the region's first test set up free trade zone, Shanghai has made it clear in 2018 to further promote the FTA in order to focus on reform and opening up。 Control the highest international standards, the best level, to create a free trade area experimental "three areas a fort", accelerate the construction of an open economic system risk stress test area。
  In addition, the Shanghai side also said Shanghai FTA to explore aspects of the free trade port in the construction of new breakthroughs。
To have a free trade port in exploring new breakthroughs in construction, pay close attention to improve the program; to breakthroughs in cross-border trade on the optimization of the business environment, reduce port costs, time-consuming compression port。
  Shanghai CASS Vice President Zhang Zhaoan on the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, said Shanghai free trade zone experiment has been running for four years, it has achieved remarkable results。 In deepening reform, including investment, trade, finance, management system, we have explored more than 100 replicable replicable experience。
On trade facilitation, expand opening up, foreign investment management system including a negative list, etc., as well as customs, etc., we are also summed up a lot of experience。
These provide a good foundation for the further opening。 At present, the more deepen reform, open wider demand for the higher。 Shanghai Free Trade Area has been at the front, has gone a big step into the Test hoping to free trade in Hong Kong to go, but also in the nation, continue to do the vanguard of reform and opening up, innovation and development pioneer。   One side is to explore innovative breakthrough。 On the other hand, it is replicate the experience to a wider range。
Ning Ji Zhe, deputy director of National Development and Reform Commission said the "negative list" entry is expected to be further reduced, and this system will be expanded to the whole country。   Ministry of Commerce responsible person pointed out that the next step will be to build an open platform。
Enhance the level of various types of development zones, giving greater autonomy reform pilot area of free trade, free trade port to explore the construction, reform and opening to create a new Heights。 Open layout optimization。
Western efforts to increase open, open channel flow, promote the formation of a new growth pole open, become open to the western frontier from the open end。 Enhance the level of opening up the eastern, central promote the development of open。   Open new heights release new dividend this year's government work report pointed out that the full liberalization of the general manufacturing industry, expanding opening up telecommunications, health care, education, pensions, and other areas of new energy vehicles。 Open and orderly liquidation of the bank card market, liberalization of foreign insurance brokerage business scope restrictions, relaxing or lifting of bank, securities, fund management, futures, financial asset management companies, foreign equity restrictions, unified market access and foreign banks。   The industry is expected to focus on the liberalization of services in the new round of open, free trade zones and free trade in Hong Kong is expected to take the lead in opening up new areas to explore, for example, opening up the financial industry first "risk test" and continue to serve as a pioneer in China's reform and opening up。   Experts point out that free trade port will be the test after free trade zone, a higher level of open business environment better, stronger radiation opening new heights, which is important for the promotion of innovation and development of China's open economy。
  Foreign Trade University Professor Sang rivers on the "Economic Information Daily" correspondent said that China's establishment of a free trade area test itself is to create a replicable replicable experience, so now after several years of operation, with Shanghai as the representative of a free trade area experimental, 11 create a free trade area experimental batch of viable experience in reform and opening up and development, can promote the country, which led to open our reform and development。   To explore the establishment of a free trade port, Sang Baichuan believes that China's long coastline, islands rich in resources, the development of free trade port is also open to new heights to create, for the establishment of free trade around the port has also been given a high degree of attention, demonstrating a great deal of interest。 In the process of exploring the future of free trade in Hong Kong, we will form a number of new trading formats, such as in offshore trading, offshore, ports and trade, there will be more progress。 International free trade port has been more mature experience, deepening the country in an open process, explore the establishment of a free trade port will make our country more open situation abundant, will create a new open Heights。
  Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Economics and Politics of the Dong Yan "Economic Information Daily" correspondent said that free trade is not just a free trade area experimental area, it also carries an important testing ground for the reform and opening up。
That free trade is the test port may confer a greater degree of openness in the region。
In her view, "a free trade port may be combined with its regional advantages, etc., to create a field similar to Hong Kong, Hainan has unique features as"。
Sun reporter intern Shaohua left John Di。