Choose a period of time, bearing in mind the king


I said, my heart is the text of the copy, so I always write in your text, time goes farther, longer and shallower, and you have been standing still, it seems very far away from me。Really want to, choose a period of time, bearing in mind the king, leaving a life of emotional read white, if the afterlife, do not these days Brief Encounter?    Inscription——    Xiaofeng moon, standing by the window, still habitually silent and stare。Perhaps, after all, is a seemingly thin cold woman, and then to you, but know how emotional people children, can not remember how long have not their most vulnerable side to show in front of others, just remember that in just met days, you cried, laughed, uttered, I'm with you say this life is happy, mind also meet。Perhaps the pursuit of their own too naive, even a glimmer of warmth, a ray of tenderness, will carefully grateful; you said you would give me endless warm, light up my life's ups and downs, so I smile, the deepest tenderness Message text, with a limited life to cherish Jun。    At the moment, I use what a feeling, you will be drawing?If, at night, in my night as ink, the truth is the pen, twist white Suxiang a memo, and you guys covered with paper Qiannian?If during the day, in my autumn decorated to time to whisper, with gentleness, as you read a handwriting scattered sentence these days?If you can, let us together in this beautiful, portrayed in the dust of years, no matter how long past the day, will remember when the first met each other look。I think, then rest of his life, so how can I forget you, let me how willing would you give up, if you can, please promise time me a Bodhi it, even without your companionship is clear joy; until, soak a tea, drink to tasteless, love you, love the mood, I'll grow old。    Tempting you like to read the verses, like to see your own shadow hovering in the beautiful verses, after all, is a woman love text, to write the word heart, the word love to pass。You say that we met, I do not care that robbery is the edge, I just remember when you write poetry heartfelt love for me, so suffice。Willing to have a heart, the first white phase from the; past life I was your man, you is my life who write, Wife, without a word, you could read my fond confession, I would like to know that the addition of fate jis arrangements。Consistently, will a text written bloom again, the heart to keep lonely confused, obsessed with his stick, and then more in the memory of the emotion salvage treasure in life, do not forget to abandon。    In many cases, like a person reading a book, writing a person, a person walking, a man of silence, a person will hear a song exhausted。However, there are a lot of times, I sit there in time, you silent miss, I miss the shortage everywhere worry, tasteless day。Really scared, years of relentless, unwittingly take away all good, even yearn to destroy my world, and I stay in a desolate, that taste the pain of parting bone invasion。Perhaps, really too sensitive, even though you have intentions worry me too much emotion, but in front of you always thought she was still a child grow up, more dependent, less patient, more warmth and happiness, less tears。Quiet, the night wind hit, miss and Sheng bloom in ink, I write to draw a stroke distance, if you know what will feel that the thoughts of how strong feelings。    she says:“I kept repeating describe the heat of love, in fact, want to use half the bustling and charming characters made of dew, to nourish knowing colorless flowers, make life or love the most out of the floating world of the demon natural flowers, and will not worry about shortage everywhere I still tough to waver between the text, the layout of love was somewhat wasted, however, such waste is right, in the long time, the love is Jiguang Yu piece, flashing gorgeous luster, even though the defeat, such as the decline of aristocracy still in the sun in the day, the old silk and satin drying some good love is worth a lifetime memories。”I know that I love you and are really exist, so I was careful watering the flower of love belongs to us, because I believe that time will be kind to you and me, it will leave us with a warm love and memories with this life Love, white hair until old age, you still loved me, I am still your heart memories。    Fate, neither earlier nor later step, in that the idea of what at the moment met; affinity for people, things come unanticipated time, missed the people, even thousands of times the reunion will be missed。If I was a Jin, both warm and thin cold, will you embroidered in the most beautiful location, warmth and happiness you give embroidered, embroidered this life of your most sincere love; perhaps not too long, maybe not so beautiful as long as caught a disadvantage is enough。Stubbornly, keep a quiet moment, any heart wander in October arms, pupil of the eye and then look back, time such as water, goes by too fast; into the late autumn, choose a monologue for some time, the king will bear in mind the next life, regardless of whether or ever look, I wish you crossing?    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