Centrifugal gravity


Love is like an autumn maple leaves, dark red too hot, leisurely and fell。The story is not ending, I can add extra, tiring tired heart。Like geese flying south, used together in pairs I've not help a person to see the sunrise, sunset listen。Longing to leave the sinking of the heart for too long, I will be tired, I hope you can return to the original。Some strange words that describes met, fell in love when I leave you sweet talk, to break up broken was not put together, we are centrifuged two people, we are left with an unsuitable。I'm tired, I think slowly return to their roots, I have to submit to fate, his eyes blurred in the noisy hustle and bustle of the city, after getting blind panic hands and feet。where are you?Who in the side?And who together already called a little, innocuous things changed and now we。  I know we can not go back, there is a love called to let go, but let go does not mean giving up all, but I gave up everything, and I have nothing。After got used to the love of Lovers, learned to tell who the enemy who is friends, I had Ayutthaya, I can bury the love。Sometimes, I want to be a White-browed albatross, albatross, only because the idea Jiuqingfuran, separated after a few years and then just met, just go back, there will be love once again raging bonfire lit, not about you and me, just because this is a stick of love for many years。Suzhen and Xu Xian Pagoda millennium change under oath, I am willing to wait for you, I wish you and so you are enough, recommendations outsiders just gossip ear and let it whisper it in the ear?Anyway, I have a clear goal, that spans over the horizon to find their own happiness, no matter a few years later。From their homes, left the burden, I miss you deeply in their pocket, in thinking of you when he Fanfankan, tears once your handwritten diary, your flow, so simple, you can not hesitate to show it。  I remember I loved you, time to stop there, but we have been distant and not go back, the story continues we are no longer young, can not afford to go on their teeth, happiness went far better place, we can not get the Shentop Rini。There are many words could not tell you, a lonely night surrounded me, the opportunity to leave your heart is no turning back, is there a gravity can pull us back。This sentence spilled all know from childhood, but naive to think that a child too much water can always be recovered, and now I understand the water has gone to another sea does not belong to the world, separating the good heartbreaking。Once the debris, pieces falling into the care of souls, there is no thought of a time, you lack a lot of tender, once reminded a moment, I dream of you, I thought of those drifting away from me in the past, had been brilliant stopped at the time of the wheel in。Did not turn up, I do not love。Love always owe some of them, or you, or me, anyway, not allowed to say who it owes first, then later double your money back。After just you and me unknown, can no longer see the saddest thing is, you will miss me?I do not know; you dream about me?I do not know; you'll wait for me?I still do not know, but I know that you always only do not know。I can see the stars, watching the night stars, one by one, I covered every night without you, the night was quiet, I am a man, quieter。You can not see, how beautiful I was bursting fireworks here, you can see I wrote in my diary after a long passage: fireworks really beautiful, but unfortunately you are not with me, this is the biggest regret of my life right?How I have been strong, and sooner or later have to face, just like that fireworks, even if it is beautiful, but it is always fleeting, we can not change the end of the story。Its painful to me might as well let you see the best years of my youth。  Down a road, I watched a play, stepped on a bridge, but fell in love with a man should not love。Young is good, is young and it should have a dream, fleeting writing poems not the end, we're struggling, struggling to calm gradually learn, learn to live, learn to self-blame, self-blame did not have the courage to go that step, perhaps out of that step, but also unbridled love。Thought a person has done a dream, listened to a song, is sung: slowly, only to find, I love you, watching your back lopsided, I can calm the。Maybe I should not appear in your world, maybe I have been very superfluous, a lot of things I did not expect to bear down, I assume, I go to learn, and I are all understand, but once again, time has no place for me to stay in your world of。I went to a far better place, have seen the most beautiful sunrise here, this is me, dream place, but there is no dream that you accompany me。  This sea wind gently blowing, the car slowly drove on this road, not in your future, if even time can be stopped。Is not I done something wrong?Or am I really left it that heart?Who can tell me, I in the end how?  Later, I read in a book the answer is this: We are not separate, we still love each other, I believe that in another time and space, we can sweet talk。  I think I know how to do it。