Dutt Stewart American propaganda: "After the war group" Do not take me


  According to the "Philippine Daily" reported on March 22, Philippine President Dutt Stewart 21 said that the Philippines will not join the US war and expedition。 Dutt said Stewart, the Philippines always been nothing but violence and suffering to get。 Data for: Dutt Walter Trump and now I want to say to the United States: no matter what you will be expeditionary, any war in any other country, do not count us。
It reported that Dutt Stewart is on a police academy graduation ceremony of the Philippine province of Cavite when he said。
Dutt Stewart said, so many years of sacrifice, in addition to the violence and suffering, we have not won any。 We will be independent。
  Reported that the Philippines has long been a US ally, the two countries have signed a mutual defense treaty, the two countries have supported each other in the face external attacks。 But to make Dutt Stewart objectionable is that they always ask (their allies) to participate in the expedition。   Earlier, in February 22, Walter Dutt has said he will not let the Philippines once again involved in the US involvement in the conflict。
  "Philippine Daily" February 23 reported that Dutt Stewart said in a speech in the Philippine province of Iloilo 22: The United States, in general a very good speech, but US policy making war everywhere。
This time, I told them not。 I will not allow our country's troop deployment。
  Dutt Stewart said during his tenure, the Philippines no longer allowed to participate in the US-led troops overseas operations。
The report also said Dutt Stewart said his recent statement also means that the Philippines will refuse to be involved in the conflict the United States and China that may occur in the South China Sea。