Carlyle Japanese health food company Sansei medicine


.ct_hqimg .to_page a: link {padding-left: 8 pixels;} See the latest market Carlyle latest real-time quotes News Research institutions holding financial information private equity investment \ r US stock market center line client: exclusive whole industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants real-time quotes "Japanese Economic News" (Nikkei) Friday Morning Post reported that business focus is the acquisition of private equity firm Carlyle Group (Carlyle Group LP) the acquisition of a leading Japanese health food trustee Sansei pharmaceutical manufacturers (Sunsho Pharmaceuticals)。  Sansei Pharmaceutical will sell all the shares to Carlyle, at a time when the company's founder, chairman and chief executive Takashi Kondo retirement。Value of the transaction were not disclosed。  Sansei Medicine was established in 1993, the main business is contract manufacturing according to health food, its market share ranks second in the field。2013, its sales accounted for 16.9 billion yen (in 1.$ 6.4 billion)。  Sansei Pharmaceutical hope Carlyle investment experience in large US health food production enterprises aspects will help accelerate its overseas expansion。