Play on the court you really played it too Luhan


Football is a circle, entertainment is also a circle, of course, will also have the intersection of two circles。 Football players have to switch to entertainment stars, such as Pooh Jones, who had pinched little brother Gascoigne player is also an actor, "Two Smoking Barrels," "stole abduction" let these two famous for his success enter Hollywood。 Between players and actors not far apart, Cantona also had performing experience, even?Luo also said he hoped to star in their own movie after retirement。
Entertainment star football career change of course is not possible, but the entertainment can be a lot of fans, nothing will kick some legs。 In January this year, Han on the microblogging issued a document to explain the gap between civil and professional athletes sports master。 In which he also take their pupils to play but, for example: "First of all to tell you about one of my hobbies, football。
I think football is good footwork and agility flexible, since junior high school, school class took the league title, striker and goalkeeper played in the school team, the Xinmin Evening News Cup football high school students took the semi-finals of the district, I protect the ball like Messi, like Pele shot, once feel that we can try to kick the occupation。 However, all this disillusionment in one afternoon。
That was ten years ago, I was twenty years old, comes when the play of the year, a student website organized a charity game, I and several golfers were invited to participate, they are also the Shanghai high school each school team of good players。
The opponent is a professional team of Shanghai Children's reserve, are about five students。 Our Shanghai high school elite regiment went laughter, students are warned against each other to start to put it mildly, after all, people are children ha ha ha ha。
Due to rush into the military, you may not remember the name of each other, we decided to call each nickname on the court, such as the Second Figo, High School Klinsmann, Van Basten Yangpu, Jing An Baqiao。
After the end of the first half, as I only touch the ball once Jinshan District Zidane。
You're not wrong, I am his mother touched the ball only once, in the first half for 20 minutes, we were filling nearly 20 balls。
Later, the referee too much trouble, even the goal The second half kick-off were canceled, replaced goalkeeper made a direct goal kick。
We scored 0, the passing less than ten times, and other times when pupils are being slipped dog。 Halftime, we embarrassed to call each other nickname, the name is changed jersey numbers。
Captain put us together, say, brothers, and this continues to lose 50 balls, or the second half we were standing in front of it blocking the door, to secure the throw 30 balls or less。
Finally, the game is not the second half, the opposing coach ended the game, and an opponent that can not play, can affect the mental health of small players。 So activities go directly to charitable donations link。 Our Shanghai Wing players in high school girls in the audience complex eyes, line up on stage, rushed to plug the money in the donation box, and exit in the midst of the silence。 "After he found out the year playing photos, also received international certification to the sea。
How does that skill Han?Watching him play the way he consider themselves good footwork agility flexible light does not appear to blowing。 Really existence of an internal team composed by the entertainment stars, is the "dream boat star football team."。
Like Sun Nan, Yu Quan, Wu Xiubo and other show business stars have raced together with the team。
Although they are quite different compared with the professional teams, but in amateur circles, their level is still very high。