Let derailment men listened very guilty sentence


Emotion is a science, in the emotional world, the men and women to learn the knowledge can be said to be endless, some people will be feeling as a game, so keep injured。 Man derailed can say is a normal thing, but for his wife, it should be how to deal with it calmly Today, small book from the perspective of analysis of love for you, take a look at how to deal with it man derailed!My husband, my husband would like Touxing steal it, I say such a thing does not mean that I do not love you do not pay attention to you; but I know that man's curiosity like winter snow, the next I did not say you said that under no less than no less of.Instead of letting you snap shut, take root, might as well let you go adventures to experience injury to the heart.Because wait until the landscape are seen through, you will accompany me steady also let you know, all the distance, the woman looks so benevolent so gentle, but once close-So much.Husband, It's not that I do not Resentment sad not sad but let derailed men listened to a lot of outside temptations guilty of a word, you, as a human being, a man, feel depressed man in front of me, I'd rather you do not go the woman there to find some consolation and joy.Then, quietly stay with me, with me to the old.Because I know, that can not be anti-anti got this, overwrought but will make himself miserable.I do not like like a dirty bitch, wanton publicize their ugliness and weakness.。