Binhai New Area Mayor Yang Maorong – do the smart era leader


Nineteenth big party report, pushing the Internet, big data, the depth of integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy。 Accelerate the construction of the city, continue to nurture the development of new intellectual economic growth, create new momentum。
Recently, the Binhai New Area Mayor Yang Maorong an interview with reporters, thinking about the Binhai New Area in the development of smart economic initiatives, creating a lively and practical wisdom Metro。 Begin interviews, Yang Maorong he recalled the first World Intelligence Conference last June hosted Binhai New Area。 "More than 1,200 Chinese and foreign dignitaries, entrepreneurs, academicians and experts from 17 countries and regions attended the event。
We seize new opportunities in manufacturing round of changes, we developed a three-year action plan Intelligent Manufacturing, won the opportunity to lead the new district。
"Yang Maorong said," in 2018 standing at a new starting point, we must sit still in a sense of crisis, can not afford a sense of urgency and courage to act responsibility, as demonstrated Marina, Marina make a contribution。
'With' three hundred sixty-one 'thinking initiatives to break the nineteen Report unbalanced insufficiently party pointed out that the principal contradiction in our society has been transformed into a better life for the people of the growing contradiction between the need and the imbalance is not fully developed。
In this regard, Yang Maorong has his own experience, he discovered through research, development and opening of Binhai New Area since 2006 increased year after year since the national strategy, the main indicators of GDP, the general public budget revenues have achieved rapid growth, particularly in the automotive and equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals, electronic information, textile and other grain unique in the real economy in the 19 state-level new area。 "But, Binhai New Area and the two wings of uneven development, unbalanced urban and rural development, development of functional areas of homogeneity, the development of Hong Kong City fragmentation and other issues more prominent。
For example, three industrial structure is not quite rational, strategic emerging industries accounting is not high enough; economic and social development, promote co-ordination is not enough, especially there are still many shortcomings in the protection of people's livelihood。 "How to solve these problems is not sufficient imbalance?Yang Maorong analyzed, the current development of Binhai New Area is shifting from speed to quality and efficiency of scale type。
Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Party cum city's economic work conference in early closing, according to the municipal requirements, we must thoroughly understand the connotation of development of quality assurance requirements, adhere to quality, giving priority to efficiency, correct handling of quantity and quality, speed and efficiency, and broken Li, back and forward, fall and rise of relations, broken in the new legislation, there are drop in upgrade。 New District proposed to build three Fourth Plenary Session of agglomeration economies, open economy, smart economy, "the three major economies", deepening the implementation of joint development actions, focusing upgrade industrial action, deepen reform and tackling action, action open environment excellence, urban quality improvement action Minsheng action to promote the well-being "six operations", comprehensive party strictly for the "three six" thinking initiatives to ensure that, in order to create prosperity and wisdom livable town planning timetable and roadmap。
We must fully understand the construction of a modern economic system of the importance and urgency, adhere to the new development concept, against quality change, efficiency change, power change, in order to solve the imbalance in the development of high-quality Insufficiency。
Focus intelligent manufacturing make the real economy more business card bright "future development of the district, will unswervingly take the road of development of the real economy。
"Yangmao Rong said that to consolidate and promote the traditional industries of petrochemical, automobile and equipment manufacturing, electronic information, textile and other grain, the new district will be aimed at the future development direction of the industry, focusing on intelligent manufacturing focus, high-end equipment, new energy vehicles, new generation information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, modern finance, life and health, cultural and creative eight new industries。 Yangmao Rong said: "Next, we will develop new intelligent terminals, intelligent network-linked vehicles, artificial intelligence, drones, additive manufacturing and other intelligent manufacturing industries, accelerate the construction of national demonstration area of Intelligent Manufacturing。 By about three years of efforts to form a four to five key areas of the country's leading industries, 2-3 national innovation center industry, more than 10 billion dollar level industrial clusters, 100 sales of over ten billion yuan in enterprises the Binhai New Area real economy, business cards brighter。
"Implementation visible, tangible, practical good real deal Yangmao Rong said with deep feeling:" to lead the people to create a better life, is the unswerving goal of our party。 In recent years, the Binhai New Area financial inclined to adhere to the people's livelihood and social undertakings, vigorously implement the ten livelihood projects, the implementation of 20 popular project every year, people's livelihood constantly filled short board, and improve people's quality of life。 In the next step, we should always put the people on the need for a better life as a goal, to do all the co-ordination 'basic necessities, industry Kyobo doctors' work, the people most concerned about the most direct and practical interests to achieve a good safeguard and protect it is good。
"Yangmao Rong told reporters that 2018 will be the people's livelihood and well-being of the Binhai New Area to promote action as the starting point, focus on the implementation of a large number of the people visible, tangible, practical good real deal。
For example, in 2020 we will complete the transformation of shanty towns and rural urbanization, to solve the problem of poor housing high-rise buildings behind; started a comprehensive campaign of flow engineering, to solve the difficult problem of people travel; the introduction of extending the coverage mentioned standard drop threshold policy package, perfect social assistance security system, maximize the protection of the region's people have a more fulfilling to get a sense of sharing in the prosperity of the new city livable wisdom, happiness, security。
(Source: Evening News)。