Brazil's president: China hopes to help Brazil build railway


The sixth official meeting BRICS leaders will be held on the 15th in Brazil, according to "News Network" reported recently, Brazilian President Rousseff accepted the CCTV interview in Brasilia, expressed the expectations of the visiting President Xi Jinping and fully affirmed the role of China in the BRIC countries。  Rosoff said that this year is the 40th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties, the two countries are in the stage of comprehensive strategic partnership。In this year's World Cup in Brazil, from the field of security, communications and other equipment to air conditioning, the game ball, the mascot jerseys and other goods, "Made in China" everywhere。And it is only in recent years, the rapid growth of China-Brazil trade microcosm。Rousseff said she was looking forward to a frank and Pakistan can cooperate in more areas。  Rosoff said, "We very much hope that China's entry into the railway construction project in Brazil。I know that China has experienced a period of great development of railway, China has a successful experience and mature technology in railway construction, we hope China can help Brazil carry out railway construction. "。  Of the BRICS summit to be held, Rosoff said the highlight of the BRIC summit is to set up a BRICS Development Bank and the Reserve Fund。According to CCTV reported ■ extended Brazilian love with the "Made in China" Chinese goods on the World Cup is only in recent years, the rapid growth of China-Brazil trade microcosm。  In 2013, total bilateral trade exceeded $ 90 billion, Brazil is China's largest trading partner in Latin America and the BRIC countries。China is Brazil's largest trading partner。  Since 2011, Chinese enterprises to invest in Brazil's fast-growing area of investment are becoming more diverse。By the end of 2013, China's total investment in Brazil reached 176 kinds of.$ 400 million to set up nearly 100 enterprises, including some leading enterprises。  [Energy] Before 2005, Chinese enterprises are mainly involved in a number of thermal power plants, steel mills and natural gas and other projects。Since 2010, Chinese enterprises into the mineral and energy sectors。Part of the mining rights CNOOC and PetroChina bid Pakistani deep-sea oil fields, Sinochem [microblogging] acquired a large stake in Brazil oilfield。  [Mechanical] Trinity Group, Xugong Group, China Construction Machinery rapid development in Brazil, the Chinese equipment manufacturers in Brazil the size of the site。According to Chinese Customs statistics, in 2013 China's auto exports exceeded crane Pakistan.$ 400 million。Chinese truck crane brands accounted for 85% of Brazil's local market share, which thirty-one crane market share of first place for two consecutive years。  [Car] China has its own brand in Brazil, and is expected to usher in a flourish。The latest industry statistics show that at present dozens of brands on the Brazilian automotive market, 12 from China, including Chery, JAC, etc., independent brands have entered Brazil。Among them, Chery factory in Brazil has been completed, the first engineering prototype has been off the assembly line, the factory will be put into operation in November this year。In addition, BYD, China South Locomotive and new energy bus has landed in Brazil。  [Communications] Huawei, a leader in the industry。Huawei to enter the Brazilian market has been ten years history, Huawei in the local Brazilian companies have hired more than 4,000 employees, helped train thousands of people last year to $ 1.5 billion in product sales in Pakistan, accounting for 40% share of the Brazilian telecommunications market。  [Traffic] Air China, China Sinotrans and ocean shipping in Brazil and a representative office or company。Air China Beijing – Madrid – Sao Paulo route, is China the only non-stop flights to South America。  [Financial] China Bank, China Development Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has been carrying out operations in Brazil。According to Xinhua News Agency (original title: Brazil's president: China hopes to help Brazil build the railway)