Fujian-day letter of the new season lineup will be unveiled for the first time in the B league campaign


  Fuzhou, March 20 (by Yan Xu) Fujian-day letter Football Club held a mobilization meeting on the 20th expedition in Fuzhou, Fuzhou as history's first support Fujian currently the only professional team and a professional team, Fujian-day letter is about to debut at the B League。
  Fujian-day letter team was established last year, this year March 1, the Chinese Football Association to each member association, under the football club issued a "publicity about the 2018 China League Two club access for participating in the" Fujian-day letter Football Club the list, becoming the only team currently in Fujian China professional soccer League。   In order to enhance the overall strength of the team, to meet the new 2018 season, Fujian letter day in the winter transfer window period, the successful signing of Liu Sheng, in Liang, Wu Chen, ginger laugh, Hua-Qiang Wang, five have Super, or B competition experienced players, and Lai Jinfeng, Jin Rui, Wang Dongsheng three outstanding youth players。 The mobilization meeting, Fujian-day letter of the new season the team lineup for the first time public appearance。   B debut in Fujian-day letter of exciting。
"Hear Fujian Football League stadium very happy to return, as a fan, I would go to the arena will cheer for the football Fujian, create a positive, strong football atmosphere, display the image in Fujian。 "The fans Fujian-day letter said Raymond。