Bayern Munich and Arsenal players go together hand in hand who is a dog who should win


"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 20 report: Beijing at 23:00 on June 19 usher?Group matches in Poland and Senegal, also means that the World Cup first round group stage ends。World Cup first round upset many games, so fans by surprise。Bayern fans after the match online ridicule, Bayern I am afraid to make the official declaration of players ahead of the World Cup back to plug Benner Street prepare for the next season game, return to plug Benner of you players were cried together, encouraging each other。Bayern's defense is almost the German team's defense, Neuer, Jimi Xi, Hummels, Boateng, polyethylene Le, joined together with the midfield Muller, Rudy and gray next season Bystri?ka are lost along with the German team; to usher in a second spring of Columbia Bayern star?Luo, also last night 1-2 loss to the Japanese team; Bayern front Pa Levante 1-2 defeat of Poland led by Senegal; Tiago is where Spain 3-3 draw with Portugal; only the "Chosen One "Tuo Lisuo where the French team to a 2-1 victory over Australia。This record, only brothers Premier League Arsenal can fight with one。Arsenal did not get the winner in addition to other Welbeck England players, including Germany where Monreal Spain, Ozil is located, failed to win。Since Welbeck in this game even a second of playing time are not, therefore, a bit embarrassed。Arsenal Specific record: Aierneini (Egypt) lost, Monreal (Spain) flat, Ivo ratio (Nigeria) lose, Zaka (Switzerland) flat, Ozil (Germany) negative, Campbell (Costa Rica) negative, Ospina (Colombia) negative; Welbeck (England) wins。 Netizens have joked: "the effectiveness of Munich, away from the World Cup", "confirmed the eyes, are their own benevolence", "World Cup so far Arsenal and Bayern could run for the most toxic Department Award, not worth between Jen Sen gas "" If only a group of loyal players for their club, and that is the Arsenal…After all, as soon as possible to prepare for the new season is not even win the World Cup. " ……